21st Birthday Party Decorations

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A person’s 21st birthday usually signify another step into adulthood. 21 is the legal drinking age in most countries, 21 is also the age when you can enter a casino and gamble. It’s different in each country. Another reason for the hype that surrounds this age could be attributed to the original decreed age of when one can vote. It signifies a person’s responsibility to the society. During the old times, it’s also the age when one receives his or her inheritance. So, whether you’re celebrating your 21st birthday because you can finally enter the casino or because you’re receiving your inheritance, there’s a lot of ways you can celebrate this year to make it as special and as memorable as it should be.

21st birthday party decorations may seem a bit childish by this age but party themes doesn’t just mean pink and blue color themes, princess and cartoon party themes. You’re turning 21; you’re moving a step into the adult world. It should be a priority to celebrate like the adult that you are.

21st Bday Decorations

21st birthday party decorations

Ideas for themed 21st birthday party decorations can be anything under the sun. Themes can seem childish to a 21 year old now so here are some ideas you can celebrate your 21st birthday party without the usual balloons, loot bags and candies that you’ve had for the past 20 years.

Travelling is a good way to celebrate your 21st birthday. Mark this age with your first out of town travel without your parents. Instead of setting aside money for a party, you can save up for a trip with a friend or another family member like your sibling or your cousin. Go to the beach, camp out under the stars or visit a place abroad. Celebrating this way can make your coming-of-age a more memorable life event. It gives you the opportunity to make decisions on your own because you’ll be in a different place, far away from the comfort and protection of your parents.

One of the most common way to celebrate a 21st birthday is visiting the club, bar or a casino. 21 is the legal age for most places. It’s not the most creative way one can celebrate but it’s the most popular way people celebrate their 21st birthdays. There are a lot of other ways to celebrate your 21st birthday, you can learn more from different sources.

Things to consider for 21st birthday party decorations

If you’re going for a themed party at home, your 21st birthday party decorations should at least reflect a sense of maturity. Skip the kid’s party themes and move towards a more adult party idea. An outdoor bar-b-q party would be a good idea. Incorporate a certain color theme through the party supplies like paper plates, cups and table napkins but keep it minimal. Hold a dinner party, different from kid’s parties that usually go on during brunch, lunch or afternoons. Have a semi-formal or formal dinner party where you can do something similar to the traditional debuts done for ladies when they turn 18.


9 Photos of the 21st Birthday Party Decorations

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