60th Party Decorations

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To reach the age of 60 is a privilege not everyone can enjoy! It’s another milestone age wherein retirement comes in. It’s not like when you turned 30 when you were worrying about your career path or family life. 60 is different. While some people feel depressed about turning 60, it’s still a perfect reason to take out your creative 60th party decorations and throw a party fit for your achievements! Instead of planning a boring party, plan a fun and hip party to commemorate your second childhood! Going into retirement is an achievement in all aspects. You’ve live longer than most people which is enough reason to celebrate your 60th birthday.

60th party decorations and party ideas

There are a lot of 60th birthday party ideas that you can use. Whether you’re throwing or hosting a party for someone turning 60 or planning your own party, it feels kind of off to use an “over the hill” sort of theme. It’s true, by this age, you’re slowing down. You’re taking things easy and mellowing out from the hustle and bustle of life. But, it doesn’t mean you have to be old, boring and dull! To give you ideas on what 60th party decorations you can use, here are some ideas you can do for a theme to make things more exciting.

Happy 60th Birthday Decorations

Coming of age theme; the celebrant can pick his or her favorite decade which could either be a rocking 50s or a hippie themed 60s. The celebrant can take the opportunity to reminisce about how things were when he or she was younger. You can ask guests to dress in old lettermen’s jackets, bobby socks, poodle skirts, etc. It’s also important to match the choice of music with the theme so Buddy Holly or Elvis Presley will be good options. If you want something more from the 60s, decorating the party venue with psychedelic colors and playing music from Woodstock artists can make the theme plausible.

Pop culture idea is a party theme where the celebrant chooses something him or she particularly likes. It could be a favorite movie, favorite band or favorite play. The party can focus on one thing in particular which makes the party decorations easier to make. Another idea is to go the other way, the very opposite of what the celebrant knows. Create a mellow-style club party theme. Play tunes that are modern in a sense but light to the ears in order to give the celebrant an update on the newest trends in music and lifestyle. A simple outdoor barbecue could be an option or an intimate family gathering. Either way, celebrating your 60th birthday should be planned out properly.

DIY 60th party decorations

With tons of different 60th party decorations that you can use, focus on the theme first. If you want a more personalized party idea, make DIY decorations. It gives a personal touch to the overall venue decorations. Some of the party decorations that you can do yourself include table covers, banners, garlands, hanging cutouts, balloons, streamers, confetti, paper lanterns, fans, centerpieces, etc.

7 Photos of the 60th Party Decorations

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