80s Party Decorations

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Finding yourself some 80s party decorations isn’t difficult. This iconic decade brought to us a lot of wonderfully tacky delights worth remembering. Among those well-remembered things include big bangs, leggings, pegged pants, Olivia Newton John albums and Captain Eo. It’s a decade that represents pop culture quite profoundly. A party with an 80s theme is definitely a trip down memory lane for the right age group so if you’re considering an 80s themed party, here are some options you may want to explore.

Icons you can use for 80s party decorations

80s party decorations should help create a feel of how life was during the 80s. One of the iconic props you can use is the Rubik’s cube. Nothing brings back memories of the 80s kids like the multi-colored cubes. It can be used for decoration ideas or for the games or contests. Another good prop to use 80s buttons. They were a hit during that time and you can use this as part of your favor or décor. A fun way to throw in some sweets would be to use popular candy flavors from the 80s. Pop rocks, Fun Dip, Pixy Stix, etc. were among the famous candies during that decade.

Totally 80s Party Decorations

Getting the colors right will also help get the right appearance. Popular colors during the 80s include teal, red, pink, yellow, turquoise, yellow, lavender and so much more. Make sure to incorporate that in the decorations and you’re sure to have gotten half of an 80s party theme right. Records are specifically still the in-thing during that time. You can use Vinyl records for decorations or use record-inspired things like a Vinyl record bowl that can be bought off from online party suppliers. A game you can use as a theme for kids’ party is the game Pacman. Pacman is an all time classic. It is a video game released in 1980 together with Asteroid and Space Invaders. They’re the world-record hitting video games during that time so this is something you may want to incorporate in your 80s theme party idea.

80s party decorations and more

Aside from getting the 80s party decorations right, there are other factors you need to include in an 80s theme party. 80s music should be flowing all night during the party. This is essential. So, load up on songs from the 80s and choose the up beat tunes. Check out Madonna, Rick Astley, Expose, Michael Jackson, A-Ha, prince and so much more. See? There were a lot of great artists produced during this time, another reason why this decade was so epic!

For an easy, no-brainer decoration idea, put up 80s posters. Movie posters are a popular and can easily be printed off from the internet. It’ll save you a lot of time thinking what to put on the walls. If you’ve got a good area for a stand ups where guests can put their heads through a cardboard cutouts, here are good ideas of who you can use: Hulk Hogan, Luke Skywalker, Ronald Reagan, Freggy Krueger, Michael Jackson or you can even use couple stand ups like that from the Dirty Dancing.


9 Photos of the 80s Party Decorations

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