Asian Party Decorations

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Asian party decorations represent a certain culture or a specific celebration. Know that there are different cultures in Asia and a Chinese party will have different decorating elements from that of a Japanese party. With a number of different countries found in Asia, you’re sure to find a lot of inspiration for party decorations because every country has a unique culture of their own and you will notice that parties with an Asian theme usually focus on one culture or on one specific occasion when decorating.

Things to consider for Asian party decorations

When you’re celebrating something specific like the Chinese New Year, it makes it easier to plan out the Asian party decorations. However, if you’re a westerner who wants to use an Asian-inspired theme for a party and you have no background on the different cultures in Asia, the task may seem a bit challenging at first. Here are some factors to consider when using Asian party decorations.

Asian party decorations

Colors are a big factor in the overall party decoration. Choose colors with rich hues when you’re going for something Asian. Deep reds and golds are common and can be showcased on fabrics. Use this for linens, curtains or drapes on the ceiling. A popular material used in replacement for fabric is crepe paper. It’s a light material; it’s cheaper and a lot easier to dispose of after the party. It also gives a festive touch to the decorations.

Know the different types of culture from different countries. Asian decorations come in a variety of styles. Depending on the country you’re trying to emulate, there’ll be specific decorating elements that can make or break the overall party design. For example, paper lanterns are popular in Japanese décor while paper fans are known to be a Chinese style décor. Some of the common décor materials you can use that seems to be common in numerous Asian cultures is that of bamboo and bonsai plants.

And a tradition that Asian culture is proud of is giving gifts to guests as they leave. This could be done through party favors. Fortune cookies work well in Chinese theme parties. But you can try to find out more about other cultures too if you’re going for a Japanese theme party idea.

How to maximize Asian party decorations

Despite getting the Asian party decorations right, it’s important to keep a few other elements in the right track as well An important party element that you shouldn’t miss out on planning for is the food. If you’re going for an Asian-inspired party, serving the right cuisine is important. Asians have a lot of good food to offer and each culture has its own style. Japanese food, Chinese food, Korean food and so much more are worth investing in when throwing an Asian-inspired party.

Music is also an important component in a culture-inspired party. If you think playing Chinese folk music during a party may seem boring, you can always choose up-beat songs but with Chinese influences as well.


9 Photos of the Asian Party Decorations

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