Black and white party decorations

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Black and white isn’t the first thing that enters your mind when you plan a party. It’s two of the dullest colors you can choose. It also represents extreme characteristics or events like a funeral for black or a wedding for white. While they are dull in appearance, they imply a very strong emotion. This is why using black and white party decorations isn’t as thrilling as you expect especially when you’re planning a party that’s fun and casual.

But that’s how it was before decorators became bolder. Black and white party decorations are as easy to work with as any other color combination. There’s a lot more room to be creative despite the colors being limited. With the right theme, right type of guests and the right kind of party, a black and white party can be done successfully.

Black and White Decorations Ideas

Ideas for black and white party decorations

So, if you’re new to the idea of using black and white party decorations, here are a few ideas you might want to use when using a black and white party theme.

Your table setting plays a big part in the party decoration. The tables occupy a big space on the floor so it’s important that your theme is incorporated in the table décor. You can set the mood by using black or white table clothes. It’ll create a big backdrop for all the other small details of the décor. If you’re throwing a ball, you can choose a black velvet tablecloth for the tables with white trimmings. You can also do it the other way around and use a white tablecloth then top it with black lace. Use block colors for formal affairs but if you’re throwing a birthday party and want it to look more youthful, you can choose black and white polka dot designs or checkered tablecloths. You can also incorporate the color theme in the table centerpiece designs. For example, pillar candles in black and white will look great for a formal party but you can also use white roses and black beads for a more romantic feel. The table napkins can also be used as part of the color theme since white table napkins are what we commonly use. If you’re holding a children’s party or a party that’s not as formal as a ball, you can check out local party suppliers for black and white paper plates, cups, and, utensils.

As for the venue decorations, there are a lot of possibilities. You can put up paper on the walls with newsprint. You can use regular party decors and just paint it in black or white. From lanterns, garlands, wall décor and serving plates, you can easily incorporate the black and white color theme.

Occasions that can use black and white party decorations

Almost all kinds of parties can use black and white decorations. We’re seeing more events like weddings, birthday parties, balls, debuts, graduation and so much more events use the black and white theme for the party.



7 Photos of the Black and white party decorations

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