Brookhaven Kitchen Cabinets

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Brookhaven cabinetry is often mistaken as something similar to Wood-Mode cabinetry. They are two different lines. Brookhaven kitchen cabinets are known for their beautiful appearance and are among the household names in cabinetry.

Difference of Brookhaven kitchen cabinets from Wood-Mode Cabinets

Brookhaven kitchen cabinets are from a semi-custom line. Wood-mode on the other hand offers more flexibility in respect to customization of size, trim, finish, colors, door style and others. Wood-mode cabinets can be made to match any color or type of finish and require many hand-finishing steps. Both lines feature solid-wood doors.

Brookhaven Kitchen Cabinets

Wood-Mode line uses furniture grade plywood for the boxes while Brookhaven uses particle board with the option to upgrade to plywood. A Wood-Mode cabinet has a beautiful maple veneer on the plywood that makes it look gorgeous while Brookhaven covers the particle board with a nice wood-grained or white melamine that is not as elegant-looking as that of Wood-Mode’s but it is practical.

When choosing between the two, keep in mind your budget and style. You can select Wood-Mode cabinets where you need some extra flair in trim style or stick to Brookhaven in the more functional areas of the kitchen. What you can expect from both lines is that both are going to last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.

With Brookhaven backed with a lifetime warranty, you can be sure that you can enjoy your kitchen cabinets for a long time. The cabinets are warranted against defects of material and workmanship as long as you own theme. The replacement of drawer slides and hinges are subject to the availability from suppliers.

What you need to know about Brookhaven kitchen cabinets

Brookhaven kitchen cabinets come in different styles. The brand offers contemporary frameless construction with the door mounted directly to the cabinet case. They also have traditional designs but the standard construction features stained and painted finishes, adjustable shelves, solid maple dovetail drawer boxes, full extension under-mount drawer slides for wider interior space.

This furniture brand offers two lines, Brookhaven I and Brookhaven II. Both boast of standard features that insure decades of service for your kitchen cabinets. You can expect the following features from Brookhaven cabinets.

Their cabinets have stained finishes that are applied in an 8-step process. They feature adjustable shelves that lock firmly into place with extra-wide cabinet openings. Cabinet components are constructed from furniture-grade particleboard and have heavy duty solid maple dovetail drawers. They also have a lifetime warranty on the drawer slides and hinges. The difference between the two however lies in the style. Brookhaven I have frameless design in over 20 door styles. It is made with furniture grade plywood, high-density furniture board and natural woods. Brookhaven II on the other hand has a traditional framed construction. It has over 30 door styles available and is also made with furniture grade plywood, high-density furniture board and natural woods.

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