Butterfly Party Decorations

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Butterfly themed parties are great for kids especially for little girls. While it’s not a party theme solely for girls, it’s a more feminine theme in general. Butterflies are one of nature’s most beautiful creatures. Most children find butterflies to be fascinating due to its colorful appearance and its one-of-a-kind transformation. The mystery surrounding the butterflies makes it a very good choice of party theme for kids.

There are a lot of different butterfly party decorations that can be used for a butterfly themed party. When you want a party theme that can revolve around a number of different colors, a butterfly themed party may be an option.

Butterfly Party Decoration Ideas

Ideas for DIY butterfly party decorations

There are tons of butterfly party decorations that you can make yourself. Especially when you’re going for a particular color palette, it’s always better to make your décor yourself because buying from party suppliers may give you limited options. You can start with small butterfly decorations. Paper fold butterflies in different colors of art paper and connect them using a string. This can be hanged from the ceiling or you can create a garland style décor using folded paper butterflies.

An easy way to throw in the theme is to use fabrics with butterfly designs. Use it as table cloths or as wall coverings to create a backdrop for photos. You can also find butterfly shaped balloons but if you can buy smaller sized balloons and connect them to create a gigantic butterfly balloon. DIY butterfly invitations are also easy to make. Fold art paper in half and cut it into a butterfly shape to create a butterfly shaped party invitation.

Preparing butterfly stickers and pictures that you can stick on the walls or on the smaller party elements like the loot bags or the party hats can also be an easy way to make butterfly party decorations.

Themed parties using butterfly party decorations

There are different elements that need to be cohesive with the theme when planning a party. One of the most important parts of a birthday party is the birthday cake. Incorporate the theme by having a cake made in the shape of a butterfly. You can make your own by cutting two triangles out from your regular rectangular cake. Once the cake is cooled, you can carve the edges to create a butterfly shaped cake. The lines can later be covered by frosting and to finish it off, use a lot of colorful cake décor for the butterfly cake design.

Aside from getting the butterfly party decorations, making party favors that also represent the theme is another way you can make the party a memorable one. Finally, if you’re throwing a kid’s party, the games should also be related to the overall theme. There are tons of games you can do that is related to the butterfly theme of the party. Prepare prizes like insect-shaped chocolates, candies and other butterfly-related things. For more ideas for games that you can do in a butterfly themed party for kids, check out this site.

8 Photos of the Butterfly Party Decorations

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