Cheap Modular Homes

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Among the latest architectural trends to hit the real estate industry, cheap modular home seem to be gaining popularity the fastest. Modular or prefabricated houses are also called factory-built, system-built or pre-fab homes. Some of us are more familiar with modular kitchens. So, to understand what modular homes are, bring the concept of the modular kitchen into a larger scale. It’s a modern day housing concept that is a big transition from the traditional build-on-site houses. Modular homes are built in the factory or manufacturing unit and then shipped to the housing site where it will be assembled.

How are cheap modular homes built?

Cheap modular homes are built in a factory setting. They’re built indoors where they are never tested to adverse weather conditions. The materials used to make them are hardier and easier-to-work with sort of materials. Once that’s done, it moves through a quality department checking every piece before the modules are covered for protection and transportation. They are typically placed on a pre-made foundation and then assembled. It is finished by a specialized builder in most cases.

Wholesale Modular Homes

As compared to built-on-site houses, modular homes are cheaper. The cost of the modular homes increases depending on the complication of architecture and design elements. Similarly, the plumbing and electricity costs are over and above the basic structure’s cost. Despite that, modular homes are still cheaper compared to traditionally built homes because they are manufactured in high numbers and are built by machines. One of the most expensive costs in on-site building is the labor. Therefore, modular houses take less time to complete and cost a lot less.

Another good point of comparison between modular home and built-on-site homes is that type of materials used. Modular home use prefabricated materials making it easy to reuse multiple times. Stone and cement used for on-site homes can not be reused once it’s been knocked down so it creates more waste as compared to modular home installation.

Differentiating cheap modular homes and mobile homes

Mobile homes are named after their main feature which transportability. Cheap modular homes are built away from the site but are permanently assembled and installed at the site. It has a permanent foundation which can not be moved every now and then. This is contrary to mobile homes, although it is also manufactured in a different area. In conclusion, cheap modular homes are more affordable. The short build-time saves a lot of money and in total, the construction of modular homes is more efficient and environment-friendly. It is also fully customizable although one can purchase a ready-made modular home kit.

5 Photos of the Cheap Modular Homes

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