Circular Sectional Sofa

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Sectional sofa with curves can be more useful to some people. A circular sectional sofa is as beautiful as any modern modular sofa. However, it may be more suitable for certain living room arrangements or irregularly shaped spaces. Sectional sofas with straight edges can create a formal and sleek appearance while circular or curved sectional sofas can create a softer tone in the room. Curve lines have this effect and if you arrange the pieces right, you can easily create a cozy and chic living room interior.

Circular sectional sofa and straight edged sectional sofa designs

Deciding whether to get a circular sectional sofa or a straight edged sectional sofa can be difficult. Both come in a variety of designs that are beautiful. The basic design of both types come with two or more pieces that fit together to complete a single seating unit. Circular sectional sofa as the name implies has curved edges or rounded corners. When you connect them, you form a partial circle or a semi-circle. As compared to straight edged sectional sofas where when connected for an L-shaped or U-shaped unit. So, depending on your room size and dimensions, choose properly.

Rounded Sofa

Difference of circular sectional sofa from square sectional sofa

In terms of space, a circular sectional sofa takes up more space as compared to the square versions. The corners curve gently, taking up more space. You’ll notice that round sectionals are longer compared to square sectionals. When working with limited space, curved sectionals may not be the best unless you intend to break the arrangement and place other pieces in different rooms. An L shaped square sectional sofa can fit in the same or even less space as a sofa and loveseat combined.

As for arrangement and placement, circular sectional sofas look better when you float them in the middle of the room. This shows the back of the sectional visible and makes the design evident. The curved design won’t be appreciated when you put them against a wall. The curve designs limit the number of arrangements you can successfully pull off. So, if you’re the type who wants to rearrange furniture periodically, go for a square sectional sofa instead.

In terms of adding furniture in the living room, a circular sectional sofa will require a round table or ottoman. While with square sectional sofas, you have more options. You can use a round, square or rectangular table. It also makes it easier to add more pieces because you can place them against the back of the seats. This can be challenging to do with a curved sectional sofa.

In terms of comfortable seating, both designs offer comfortable seating. Both designs can also accommodate more people compared to traditional sofa designs. The circular sectional sofa can usually double as a sleeping area when all the pieces are put together. This can serve as an extra sleeping area when you have guests but when entertaining guests, the square sectional sofas serve as a better seating option.

8 Photos of the Circular Sectional Sofa

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