Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

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A white kitchen creates a classic kitchen design. It’s clean, simple, and orderly. It even adapts easily to any decorating style. It’s a no-brainer when planning the kitchen design but what every homeowner should know is that there are a lot of colors that one can use to customize the kitchen. Colors can be every kitchen’s best friend, cleverly highlighting architectural details or simply transforming dated cabinetry. It can easily change the whole feeling of the kitchen. It can even brighten up a particular area in the kitchen like the island by being a mood-booster. When you combine two colors for the cabinet, you customize the look and get a personalized kitchen interior. So, if you’re looking for an easy facelift to your kitchen, consider combining two colors for kitchen cabinets to break away from the white-and-wood zone cabinets that we’re all so familiar with.

Play safe with colors for kitchen cabinets

If you’re bored with your current kitchen and you’re looking for ways to spruce it up, here are some colors for kitchen cabinets that can definitely give you the facelift you want without doing a major overhaul.

Paint Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen cabinet is one of the focal points in any kitchen. It takes up a lot of space and demands that you look at them day after day. If your cabinets are in a color you’re not particularly fond of, chances are you’re going to get tired of them in no time. There are a lot of colors that work well on kitchen cabinets but it can be tricky to find the right one that will match the rest of your current kitchen interior and your personal style. So, before deciding to be bold and choosing an unusual hue, take into account the other features in your kitchen. Assess the walls, counters, backsplash, floor, and appliances. One tip, if you already have a lot of colors in the kitchen, it’s best to go for neutral cabinets. There are plenty of shades of neutral colors but most, if not all, can help make the kitchen feel bright and fresh. Some neutrals you might want to consider include gray, greige (mix of gray and beige), beige, and white. These colors help you ground the space and allow you to be more playful with colors via accessories and appliances.

Bold colors for kitchen cabinets

For more adventurous colors for kitchen cabinets, yellow is a common go-to kitchen color. For your cabinets, you can use a light, buttery yellow or a pastel shade. Blue is another idea but to get an airy, ethereal vibe, sky blue is a good shade. This color looks great with white and stainless steel accents. Green also look nice on cabinets but stick to mint green or bluish greens so it won’t overpower the kitchen interior design.

You can also consider darker colors like emerald green, navy blue, and cranberry red to make a statement. However, these colors work best in large rooms because it tends to darken smaller rooms.

6 Photos of the Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

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