Concrete Steps Prices

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Improving your outdoor space is as important as creating a comfortable home interior. The outdoor steps are one of the elements you will need to plan out when finishing up your exterior design. Learn more about how concrete steps prices vary from other options.

Concrete steps prices: poured vs precast

Concrete steps prices vary depending on the type of concrete steps. Poured concrete steps and precast concrete steps differ in a lot of ways. Poured concrete steps are made on site. This means that the concrete is mixed and poured on your yard. The weather condition is an important factor when making poured concrete steps because it determines whether the cement is cured properly or not. When cured properly, it becomes durable and strong. It is the more economical choice because it doesn’t cost as much as precast steps.

Concrete Stairs Prices

While this option offers high flexibility in terms of making changes onsite, the complexity and long duration of installation is seen as a drawback by some homeowners. Installation of concrete steps can be quite messy and the dust generated can cause problems for short period of time and the success of this type of project depends a lot on the weather. Concrete dries properly in dry weather because it doesn’t cure when it gets wet or frozen. This makes pouring concrete steps an unsuitable project during winter and wet weather.

Precast concrete steps on the other hand, are manufactured in a factory environment. This means there is better control on the curing process. This type of steps is very easy to install. It only requires a fraction of the time spent on installing poured concrete steps. It requires less manpower thereby saving you a lot on installation costs. This type of steps is available in several designs and textures. Some may simulate stones like marble which can serve aesthetic purposes. There’s also an option to install anti-slip layers to increase safety. The good thing about precast steps is that it is installed as a solid structure. This lessens the possibility of weakening or breaking of the steps. The costs are higher compared to poured concrete steps but precast have proved to be more cost effective in the long run because unlike poured, it is less likely to develop cracks.

Another benefit of going for precast is that the materials used for making them include recycled materials. This makes it a more environmentally friendly option and because it is made in a controlled environment, the waste produced is minimal. Now, when comparing costs, poured concrete steps is a lot cheaper compared to precast. The costs for using precast also increases when the measurements are faulty.

Factors that affect concrete steps prices

The size of the stairs will be a big factor in concrete steps prices. Customized designs will also increase the costs and if you encounter problems like wet weather conditions, the curing process will be affected which may require homeowners to create another one. There are different factors that can affect the price of installing concrete steps.

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