Conex Box Homes

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More popularly called intermodal container or freight container, a conex box is a standardized reusable steel box used for safe, secure, and efficient storage and movement of materials or products within different transport systems. The container can be transported from ship, to rail, to truck without having to unload the contents. These containers come in different sizes and are now the newest trends in green home building.

Repurposing shipping containers is becoming a real solution to both social and ecological problems. Conex box homes are the best example of shipping container architecture. Up-cycling used shipping containers and converting them to modular homes is one of the trends in home building. Shipping containers can be used as the main framing of home designs where the steel is used as an integral part of the design. It can also be used in such a way that the steel is camouflaged to look like traditional homes.

conex box homes

Cladding is an important process when trying to camouflage the main frame of shipping containers to make it look like traditional homes. The process is simply the application of a material over the steel sheets. This layer is installed for aesthetic purposes but it also helps control the infiltration of weather elements. This is the material that covers up the steel sheets to make shipping container homes look like regular homes with wooden walls or cement walls.

Pros of Conex box homes

Conex box homes are tagged as green homes. They’re an environmental-friendly type of home because of the materials used for the building of the house. As compared to the materials used during building a regular home, the wastes generated from building Conex box homes is less as compared to building a traditional home.

When you consider the price of real estate today, a shipping container home seems to be a practical choice. Combine the cost of real estate with the increasing environmental restrictions on cutting lumber; an eco-friendly home occupying a small piece of land is logical. Modular home designs allow a person or a family to live comfortably even in a small space. It helps the environment and it’s more cost-effective. These home designs are modern. Even with the limited space of shipping container homes, one can still have the comforts and luxury of a regular house.

The designs for shipping container homes can vary. It’s very flexible. You can have a one-story or two-story home. You can combine shipping containers to create a larger home or to create an irregularly shaped home design. Homeowners can customize as much as they want which is beneficial because one can create a home suitable for his or her family’s needs and lifestyle.

Conex box homes and other options

Shipping container homes or conex box homes are not the only thing you can make from shipping containers. There are a lot ways one can up-cycle used shipping containers. Smaller shipping containers can also be used to create temporary shops, cafes, computer centers, home offices and so much more.

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