Container Home Prices

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Container homes are more economical than most people think. Although there are some who would argue about the costs and how truly environment-friendly it is, a lot still believe that container homes make a good solution to the increasing surplus of containers all around the world. Container home prices vary. This is where major arguments begin. If you’re looking for a cheap alternative to a home, the author of Tin Can Cabin would argue that going for container homes because it will be less expensive is a misconception and he showed a comprehensive graph of comparison between the costs of a container cabin built from conventional materials and another built from used containers. Despite the debate over whether t a container home is economical or not, it’s safe to say that used storage containers make excellent structural pieces for homes. Prices vary whether you’re using new or used containers and how many years they were used. Used storage containers are available in very low prices. But costs add up because you will need to the pay the shipping of the container to your construction site. Depending on where you live, it may cost between $80 and $500. More, if you live in a difficult to reach area.

Basics on container home prices

Container home prices will initially depend on the price of the containers. New 20 ft. storage containers are usually priced between $1000 and $4000. If you’re buying more than one, you may find sellers who could give a better deal and a better deal on shipping as well. New 40 ft. containers sell for $1400 to $4000 or some may reach to as much as $5800.

Price for Container House

Container home prices: Using used containers

Container home prices decrease when you use used containers. These types of containers run between $1500 and $4000. Used containers are cleaned up before they are sold so they look just like new when they are delivered. Worthy to take note of is that the cheapest containers are sometimes not warrantied against fire and water damage. Labor costs are low when using storage containers for building homes. With the exception of the heavy cranes used to lift and move the containers into place, the work entailed when building a container home doesn’t require a lot of equipment. The prepping of a used container to become a home may be more tedious especially when it comes to preparing a safe and livable space. Blasting the steel to make sure chemicals are washed out of the surface is especially taxing. Also, making sure the walls and flooring are safe and sturdy can easily become the most expensive part of building a house from containers. Container home insulation and adding drywall can be expensive especially when you go for the highest quality of insulation. But you also have the option to buy a finished structural system for your storage container home. They’re called SG Blocks and sell about $9000 to $11000 for each unit.

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