Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

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Contemporary kitchen cabinets are almost similar to modern kitchen cabinet designs. It’s worth taking note that there’s a thin line separating modern and contemporary when it comes to interior decorating or home designs. In general, modern refers to styles developed in the mid-century. These designs focus on natural materials, neutral expanses with pops of primary colors. It features long lines and sleek finishes. Contemporary on the other hand pertains to something “of the moment.” They are designs of the here and now. To differentiate, it is known as the here and now because of the materials used. The materials used for contemporary pieces are made from those available today and was not available ten years ago. This means that ten years from now, contemporary designs will be different because there will be new materials available then that are not available now.

To give a better idea, yesterday’s contemporary is today’s vintage. This is different to modern home designs and interior designs because “modern” is a static term while “contemporary” is dynamic and constantly changing. When decorating using contemporary styles, there are fewer rules as compared to modern decorating. Contemporary home decorating gives a lot more freedom in term of color and patterns.

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Decorating with contemporary kitchen cabinets

Contemporary kitchen cabinets can be used alongside other decorating styles. For example, you can combine contemporary kitchen cabinets with vintage mid-century modern credenza, ornate antique chairs and an oriental rug. This would qualify as contemporary eclectic style.

There’s a lot more decorating styles that can be combined with contemporary cabinets as compared to using modern kitchen cabinets. A popular concept in contemporary kitchens includes clean, open interiors. The whole idea is to create an efficient space with an open floor plan, paired with modern appliances with strict adherence to a minimalist design.

Characteristics of contemporary kitchen cabinets

Bare necessities should be present in kitchen cabinets. This means that the design should be able to cater to the storage and organizational needs of the kitchen. The cabinet should be simple and clean. There are less fussy decorations or clutter and the design works better with modern and updated appliances. Another characteristic of contemporary kitchen cabinets is that the hardware is usually barely visible. The construction is frameless with flat panels and the preferred material used is steel, wood, glass or any other natural material.

The type of material used for the construction plays an important role in terms of categorizing the kitchen cabinet between modern and contemporary because the appearance of both is very similar to each other that most homeowners can’t tell the difference. Another feature of a contemporary kitchen design is the efficiency of the kitchen design. The cabinets should be able to cater to the needs of the cook.  This is in terms of storage, organization and it should help in making the process of preparing meals easy and convenient.

8 Photos of the Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

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