Copper Backsplash Ideas

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Copper backsplashes are now being used as an alternative to tiles because of the color, variations and simplicity it contributes to the kitchen interior. A copper backsplash can provide a warm and natural ambience to the kitchen. Some can even make the room appear brighter. Depending on style and design, this type of material can create a sleek and shiny backdrop or a warm and cozy ambiance in the room. Copper backsplash ideas are second to the more popular stainless steel but both offers great aesthetic value in the kitchen.

Advantages of copper backsplash ideas

Copper backsplash ideas are very easy to do. Installation is very easy and there are kits that allow homeowners to DIY the installation. Also, copper backsplash are made from thin sheets. This material can easily be manipulated to create different designs and patterns. Aside from being able to press any pattern into the sheet, it can also be cut into any shape and given a patina that can add a unique color to the kitchen décor. It’s highly decorative which makes it appealing to homeowners.

Real Copper Backsplash Tiles

Copper backsplash ideas: what you need to know

To understand the different copper backsplash ideas, it’s important that you know the types and finishes. You can find a copper metal sheet that can easily be installed as a backsplash. These sheets typically come in a standard size of 8 by 3 feet in size and can be trimmed to fit for installation. An easier type to work with is the copper tiles. It’s relatively new. It’s easier to use because it has a lot of versatility in creating custom designs. It’s also lower in cost compared to copper sheets. As for the finishes, there are a number of different finishes: hammered, brushed, embossed, and textured. These finishes are made by a machine but if you’re saving on costs, you can purchase a plain copper sheet and use a ball peen hammer to create a similar effect.

As for installing kitchen backsplashes, the process can be compared to installing roof flashing. Homeowners may also choose to glue or laminate the sheet to a backer board like a plywood or sheetrock before installing it on the wall. One thing to keep in mind when installing copper tiles or copper sheets is that it’s never installed using nails or screws but copper liquid nails or adhesive specially formulated for metals. Otherwise, the copper will be damaged and won’t stick properly to the wall.

Another thing to keep in mind when using copper backsplashes is that it naturally oxidizes when exposed to air and moisture. This will eventually cause tarnish and later on develop a greenish patina. While some love this look because of the added appeal, other homeowners may choose to preserve the copper’s warm tone by applying multiple coats of lacquer on the sheets. This is a good strategy to prolong or maintain its natural appearance. You can also check for the different gauges of copper sheets. For residential use, a thinner gauge will be enough but if you’re using copper backsplash in a commercial building or in a place where a lot of work will be done, you may want to choose sheets that are a little thicker.

6 Photos of the Copper Backsplash Ideas

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