Craftsman Garage Storage

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The Craftsman brand include tools, lawn, and garden equipment. The brand is controlled by Sears Holdings and has been named as one of America’s trusted brands. The brand has a long history of providing new tools and better solutions to DIY-ers and home improvement professionals. Read on to learn more about Craftsman garage storage options.

History of Craftsman garage storage products

Craftsman was registered in 1927 and started by catering to equipment needs of farmers. The brand later evolved and used chrome plating to their tools and other products. Their product line uses a three-tier pricing structure. With a “good, better, best” structure, they have the Craftsman Professional, Craftsman and Craftsman Industrial. From tools and equipment, they’re broadened their product line and created Craftsman garage storage products.

Craftsman Storage Cabinets

Designs for Craftsman garage storage

The garage is the common place where we store our tools and equipment. Craftsman seeing this as an opportunity to broaden the product coverage has created a whole line of storage products that can be used for organizing the garage interiors.

The brand is popular for its red and black color scheme although they have products that doesn’t come in this color scheme. You can check out most of their products from their website or you can visit distributors to have a personal glance at the storage systems they have to offer. The brand is sold in Sears, Orchard Supply Hardware and Kmart. You can also find their products in Fastenal, Summit Racing Equipment, Ace Hardware, Menards, and US military Army and Air Force Exchange Service stores among others.

The garage storage products come in different designs. They have cabinets; wall cabinets and floor cabinets. They have drawers that come as standalone and those that has a work bench design. Sizes vary depending on your needs but one thing that stands out from their products is the quality. Craftsman garage storage products are known to be strong and very high quality. They can withstand heavy loads and can last longer than other regular storage systems made from a different type of material. Another color scheme common to their garage storage products is black and chrome. The color schemes of their products are suitable for garage interiors.

Craftsman garage storage systems score high in terms of function and aesthetics. The products are made from quality materials which suits heavy equipment and tools. It serves as a very useful storage system and the designs help in organizing the garage. In terms of physical appearance, their products can contribute to the aesthetic appeal of any garage. The sleek designs border modern and contemporary styles which make them perfect for people who want to maintain a pleasing interior design in the garage. The color schemes of the brand also help in giving uniformity in the interior and it helps add a decorative feature in the room. There are a lot of products from this brand which makes it a good brand to start looking when you need the perfect storage system for your garage tools and equipment.

6 Photos of the Craftsman Garage Storage

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