Curtains for French Doors

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French doors or windows are typically two long windows with hinges at the sides. It has the ability to open from the middle and it’s commonly installed as an entrance to porches or sun rooms. Older homes would have one or two French doors in the house. It’s a traditional feature that adds elegance to the design but it does have its flaws. French doors are made from glass. Think of it like a door with a major part of it made from glass. The privacy it can provide may be insufficient for some homeowners which is where curtains for French doors come in.

To maintain privacy in your home, curtains play a very big role. Curtains aren’t only practical for privacy. Curtains contribute a whole new element in the interior decoration of a room. A room with a curtain may not seem like a big deal but a room without a curtain can seem bare and lacking. It’s one of those decorating elements that you don’t usually notice when it’s around but its absence can easily be felt. To help complete an interior design of a room that has French windows or door, know the different types of curtains you can use.

Coverings for French Doors

Types of curtains for French doors

Similar to most windows, curtains for French doors comes in different designs. Explore your options to find out which one will suit your needs and current interior design.

Blinds come in varying widths. This makes it suitable for French doors because it’ll be easier to find blinds that will match the size of each door allowing you to mount blinds on each individual door. This gives an independent function for each blind and would allow one to open the doors without difficulty. Blinds can be bought in different colors and finishes. It’s also available in different types of material so it offers a variety of options for a homeowner.

For a no-brainer option, a thin café-style curtain rod above the glass section of the door can also work. Use a sheer curtain which can provide privacy and help in light control. If you intend to use heavier curtains, you will need additional curtain hardware but other than that, the main concern is using separate rods for each door. Installing pull-backs can also be an option which will allow the curtains to be pulled back to the hinge side.

Roller shades is another option you can use. It’s made from different materials like straw, silk, cotton, nylon, or bamboo. It provides privacy and helps in light control but it has its downside. It creates a non-formal vibe in the room and can be contrasting to your interior design. It’s an easy fix but not the best one from your options.

How to make curtains for French doors

Making your own curtains for French doors is the same as making regular curtains. The challenge in this type of project is more on the installation of the curtain hardware because improper installation can make the French doors look unattractive. Proper measurement of the height and length of your French door is the most important part when making curtains.

6 Photos of the Curtains for French Doors

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