Curved Sectional Sofa

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There are different designs for sectional sofas and a curved sectional sofa is one of them. The best advantage of sectional sofas is that it can be arranged in so many different ways. It provides extra seating as compared to traditional sofa designs because it has detachable sections. It’s also easier to transport them around and they’re very versatile. You can adjust the seating according to the space or need in the room. For irregularly shaped rooms, it can be adjusted as well. Curved sections of a curved sectional sofa can fit in most rooms where straight couches cannot because of the semi-circle shape. This design of sectional sofa can fit in most types of spaces but arranging the pieces can require a little bit of planning.

How to arrange a curved sectional sofa

Have a tape measure handy when planning on how to arrange your curved sectional sofa. Begin by setting up your television or entertainment center. Decide where you want it to be placed because in most cases, the sofa arrangement is relative to the television. Most people prefer to have the sofa angled towards the television so they can watch properly.

curved sectional sofa

Once that’s up, measure the pieces of the sectional sofa. This will give you an idea on how much space you need. Measure the room as well so you can see the relation of the chairs to the space of the room. This makes it easier to try out arrangements without physically moving the sofa pieces. The opposite of the television is often a good place for the biggest or longest sofa piece.

Match the curve pieces of the sectional sofa in junction to the walls if you’re short on space. This way, the chairs wrap around the wall as it sits in the corner. It will make the room look more organized as compared to putting it in the center. If you have a small room, break up the sofa, divide the pieces and place them separately in the room. After arranging the sofa pieces, add the smaller furniture. The coffee table sits in relation to the couch so put this in last.

How to decorate a curved sectional sofa

Decorating a curved sectional sofa isn’t complicated. The easiest way to do this is to add throw pillows. It can immediately enhance the appearance of the sectional couch. The only work involved in decorating the sofa is to choose the correct colors and designs for the throw pillows.

Some sectional sofas may seem formal or too modern. You can warm up the living room interior by adding colors to the pillows. Sectional sofas are made with one color or one type of material so it can seem dull in a plain room. Choose bright colors for your pillow cases or choose printed fabrics. Make sure to take into consideration the color scheme of the living room so the pillows won’t look out of place. Another idea is to use slipcovers. This however, may require more planning because customized slipcovers are needed.

6 Photos of the Curved Sectional Sofa

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