Custom Modular Homes

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A modular home is a house that is built in a factory-like setting. It comes with a series of components which is later shipped to the customer’s home site where it will be assembled by a builder. To make thing clear, a modular home is not a mobile home nor is it a manufactured home. Although the latter is manufactured in a controlled setting, they’re not the same. Manufacture homes are not placed on permanent foundations. Custom modular homes, on the other hand, are houses that are simply built off-site as opposed to on-site. You may encounter terms like pre-fab homes, factory-built homes or system-built. All three are the same as modular homes.

What you need to know about custom modular homes

Custom modular homes are set by a crane on a foundation. After building the house, it can be difficult to distinguish between on-site built house and a modular home. This type of home is 85% completed in the factory. When brought to the site, minor electrical, plumbing, and carpentry work is the only thing left to do. Items like floors, tiles, walls, ceilings, light fixtures, kitchen cabinets, staircases, doors, plumbing, wiring, outlets, windows, roof and many other components are already built and installed even before it leaves the factory.

Luxury Modular Homes

One of the biggest concerns when opting for custom modular homes is the fact that they are built in climate controlled factory. While they go through a length process of quality control, they’re built in a controlled environment.  A modular home can be built in as little as 1-2 weeks because modular homes are built indoors, there’s never a weather delay. But this timeframe may depend on the design and the manufacturer. The more customization, the longer it may take. But once it’s delivered on-site, it takes another 2-4 weeks for your local builder to complete the house.

The foundation should be made ahead of time before the home is delivered. The house is set by a crane and measurements of the foundation and the house should fit. When planning to go for modular homes, it is important to have accurate measurements and concise designs.

Advantages of custom modular homes

Custom modular homes are known to be built with high quality materials due to quality control checks. Among the advantages of modular homes, it is built with 33% more wood compared to an on-site built home. It’s also a more cost-effective option because it’s usually cheaper than site-built home. In terms of time spent building the house, a modular home design can be completed in as little as four months. But for those thinking about selling their homes in the future or keeping the property value, modular homes retain their value much longer than site-built homes. Another advantage of this type of home is that it’s more energy efficient. The overall design is very modern, the quality of materials used are high and you can expect modern facilities incorporated into the house design.

6 Photos of the Custom Modular Homes

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