Disco Party Decorations

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Disco is known to be a popular place for dancing. Disco music has changed over the years but the popular style of music today has complex electronic instrumentation with simple, repetitive lyrics. What’s unique about disco music is that it has rhythmic beat. Using disco as a theme for parties is sure to make the party a lively and upbeat party. Disco party decorations can be a lot of different things. You need to get the essence of discos to make a successful disco themed party. So, take out your bell-bottomed pants if you want the ultimate disco party!

How to use disco party decorations

Whether you’re using disco party decorations for a birthday or any other occasion, keep in mind that music is the most vital part of the party. Celebrate the music that dominated the 70s and make your own groovy party! Decorations come second. It glues the disco party together because setting the right ambiance can help transport you and your guests back to the disco era where disco kings and dancing queens ruled the dance floor.

For starters, the disco ball is a must. No disco themed party is complete without a shimmering disco ball. Of course, you’re not expected to buy one. It can be hard to come by especially today. Making your own disco ball shouldn’t be a problem. Buy a Styrofoam ball and cover in something with reflective qualities. You can use old CDs, cut it up in pieces and glue it to the ball. Mirrors can be used as well but it can be more difficult to stick it to the ball. The important thing is to have the mirrored side face out so it can reflect light. Attach a string and direct lights towards the disco ball. This will automatically create a psychedelic feel. You can also check other DIY disco party ideas.

Enhance the music in the party by putting up posters on the wall. Use posters of famous rockers from the era. You can find these online or you can have it printed on tarpaulins if they’re really hard to come by. As for other party decorations, you can use fabrics that are 70s-inspired to cover the tables and other pieces of furniture. Use a color combination that will reflect in most of the party decorations, paper plates, cups and other party supplies. Another important element in the party décor is the metallic characteristic. Use metallic papers and other metallic items to help the disco ball reflect light around the party area. If you have vintage pieces from the era, you can use them as decorations as well.

Throwing a party with disco party decorations

Disco party decorations can be very simple or can be done in a very elaborate manner. Disco themed parties are great for both adults and kids because it’s generally a very lively theme. The colors related to disco themes can also be used for kids’ parties so there’s not a lot restrictions when using disco party decorations for any special event or occasion.


7 Photos of the Disco Party Decorations

Disco Party Theme Decorations

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