Disney Princess Party Decorations

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Disney princess party decorations revolve around the Disney Princess characters. Who are these characters specifically? Well, there’s a lot heroines in Disney cartoons but here are some of the most popular princesses and most commonly used as a theme for parties.

Disney Princess is a media franchise under The Walt Disney Company. Original Disney princesses include Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, Ariel, Jasmine, and Pocahontas. Added recently is Tiana, Rapunzel and Merida. All these women characters are known to be princesses and they’re commonly used for party themes for kids. Each princess has a distinct color theme which makes it suitable for themed parties. For example, Cinderella’s story is known for her glass slipper. A party with a Cinderella theme can focus on the glass slipper which gives a blue and white color combo idea. Some people also use the colors of her dress during the ball which is white and gold. The same idea applies to the other Disney princesses.

Princess Party Supplies and Decorations

Sample Disney Princess party decorations

Depending on the type of party you’re throwing and the Disney princess you want to emulate, there are a lot of party decoration ideas that can spring from any of the Disney princess characters. We’ve shared a Cinderella party idea already. Let’s talk about the other princesses so you can get ideas for Disney princess party decorations.

Ariel can be used for an under-the-sea party theme. It’s suitable for outdoor parties or beach parties. Basic ideas and designs that can be used for this kind of themed party included shells, sand, bubbles and colorful pebbles. Red, green and purple are the colors that represent Ariel. Pocahontas is a good character to use for an Indian party theme. Feathers, burlap sacks, beads and other basic decorations can be used. If you want to have a yellow princess party decorations, Belle in Beauty and the Beast may be a good idea. For an Arabian inspired party idea, you can use Jasmine. Lamps, carpets and a lot of rich hues can be used for a party that focuses on Jasmine. Although not as popular as the other Disney princesses, using Aurora as a party theme is still possible. She has less notable elements related to her story but connecting it to a princess themed party is not difficult.

Focusing on the color palette related to each princess can help in making the theme more evident. Also, all Disney princess character are known for unique elements, glass shoe, flying carpet, seven dwarves, etc. so make sure you incorporate these minor characters into the party decorations and you’re sure to successfully make Disney princess party decorations.

Occasions that can use Disney Princess party decorations

The most common occasion that uses Disney princess party decorations is a child’s party. A little girl’s birthday party is the most obvious occasion that’s suitable for this theme because of the nature of the characters. However, it’s not taboo to use a Disney Princess theme party for debuts, baby shower, bachelorette party and so much more!

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