Disposable Bath Towels

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Disposable bath towels are the perfect solution when you’re having a lot of guests for the weekend or a holiday. Sharing the same bath towels can spread germs from one person to another. Let your guests know how welcome they are in your home by setting out disposable guest towels in the bathroom during their visit. Some homeowners may want to offer their towels from their personal supply for guests but when you’re having a lot of guests, you don’t want to get stuck with a lot of towels in the laundry after they’re gone. Going for the disposable route is a more practical way. It’s also a lot better for hygiene purposes.

Disposable bath towels: What to expect

When we say disposable bath towels, we’re not talking about something similar to disposable tissue paper. It’s not like tissue paper; it’s a little thicker than that. There are various products for disposable bath towels that come in solid colored towels. They’re soft and very absorbent which makes them a good option for your guests. If you’re looking for something with decorative features, you can find disposable bath towels with unique designs. For one time events, paper towels make a good choice. But if you will be having guests frequently, investing in cloth bath towels may be a better choice.

disposable bath towels

Disposable bath towels vs. cloth bath towels

Choosing cloth towels over disposable bath towels can help your budget and the environment. Cloth towels can be used then laundered. This saves you money and minimizes waste. In terms of cost, paper towels cost about $2 to $3 for an 8-pack. Cloth towels costs $5. While the cloth towel is more expensive, it can be used over and over again.

When we look at the environmental factors, paper towels require wood pulp from trees. The added bleaching process done to the towel uses potentially harmful chemicals. There are a lot of waste materials and harmful chemicals involved in the production of disposable paper towels. The production of cloth towels doesn’t produce as much waste products as paper towels do.

In terms of usefulness, paper towels are convenient. They can easily be disposed of. However, they don’t absorb as well as cloth towels. They’re not an effective material for spills or for drying off the whole body. It will easily tear if you try to use it to dry your hair. Cloth towels can be used over and over again which is contrary to disposable ones where it can only be used once.

Choosing to use disposable towels will depend on your needs and the situation. Disposable towels are best used in places that are frequented by different people. For example, an office where different employees and clients will be using the bathroom, will need disposable towels. If you love to host parties or sleep overs, disposable towels can be an option. But if you normally have the same people over at your place, investing in cloth towels is a good idea. It’s a lot cheaper, it’s more environment friendly and it’s more comfortable for your guests as well.

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