Eco Friendly Kitchen Cabinets

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Ecofriendly Cabinetry is a company dedicated to making eco friendly kitchen cabinets. Their products affect energy conservation and air quality. They aim to create healthier homes through renewable solid wood materials with formaldehyde-free adhesives and finishes. Building kitchen cabinets that are eco-friendly is one way to improve our effect on the environment. Homeowners don’t have to build the cabinets themselves because there are manufacturers that provide eco-friendly premade products. The idea is to aim for more eco-friendly solution in making your home interior design. But in order to help the environment, it’s important that you understand what are eco-friendly kitchen cabinets.

What is eco friendly kitchen cabinets?

Environmentally conscious consumers have a lot of options in terms of kitchen cabinets. But in order to limit the negative impact on the planet, it’s important to understand what it means to use eco friendly kitchen cabinets.

Eco-Friendly Cabinetry

For kitchen cabinets to be considered eco-friendly, they should be made of easily renewable resources. It should be transported in an eco-friendly way and should be produced in eco-friendly environments. The finishing products should also be eco-friendly; including the finishes, primers, stains and glues. For current cabinets installed in your kitchen, making adjustments to the cabinets like repainting with eco-friendly paint and help reduce the environmental impact of the cabinets.

Understand as well that in order for the cabinets to be considered eco-friendly, it should be made from sustainable wood. Know which woods and other products are sustainable for an eco-friendly kitchen design. Bamboo is one of the leading woods because it is fast growing and it is easily renewable. Another common type of renewable wood is harvest wood. It is a recycled product so it is an acceptable eco-friendly material. Aside from the wood material, VOC or volatile organic compounds which are highly dangerous toxic poisons are used in regular cabinets. Paint, primers and finishes should have a declaration of “no VOC” on them to be considered eco-friendly.

Another consideration is that if you can find cabinets that use non-taxic, water based products instead of VOCs, the better. This is specifically pertaining to adhesives and finishes. If your cabinet design uses fiberboards, make sure it doesn’t contain formaldehyde. When using eco-friendly cabinets is that to make sure it is built by certified builders of eco-friendly cabinets. Manufacturers for this type of cabinet must be ESP certified. This is evidence that the company has the ability to provide cabinets that reduce the impact on the environment.

Tips for eco friendly kitchen cabinets

If you want eco friendly kitchen cabinets in your home, you can buy them straight from cabinet manufacturers that use eco-friendly materials. If you’re repainting the kitchen cabinets, you can still get an eco-friendly cabinet. Use paints with low or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

If you’re making your own cabinet or customizing your cabinetry and it’s made from solid wood, make sure that you buy your materials from sellers that take wood from certified managed forest and that they carry the Forest Stewardship Council logo. Finally, don’t stop with the kitchen cabinets. Complement your cabinetry with other sustainable or eco-friendly materials for the countertops, floors and backsplashes.

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