Elmo Party Decorations

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Elmo party decorations are great for toddler parties. Elmo is a Muppet character from Sesame Street and his role in the show is addressed towards toddlers. This is what makes him a well-known character among toddlers. He’s red and furry and speaks with a very high voice. When planning a party with an Elmo theme, red will be a prominent color in the decorations.

Ideas for Elmo Party Decorations

There are ready-made Elmo party decorations that can be bought from party supply stores and other online stores. These include Elmo-shaped balloons, Elmo design paper plates, napkins, cups, Elmo table cloths, posters, toys, and so much more. However, you can also make your own Elmo themed party decorations. You can use red table cloths on the tables and make your own alphabet cutouts that you can put on the walls or spread around the party area. It can also make a nice ceiling decoration especially if you’ll be having a lot of toddlers present during the party. Number cutouts and blocks are easy to make. You can use this on the tables or as part of the room decorations.

Baby Elmo Party Decorations

Using red and white balloons for the party will also compliment the party theme. Make sure to incorporate the Elmo design in the invitations and party bags. It’ll also be a plus if you can put the theme in the food. A customized Elmo cake or serving platters with Elmo designs will complete the party theme.

Elmo party decorations and centerpiece ideas

Aside from the Elmo party decorations, planning the centerpieces can also help complete the party theme. Use the Elmo centerpiece ideas in each table for the guests. Here are some ideas you might want to consider:

Use toys as a table centerpiece. Stuffed Elmo toys or dolls make good centerpieces. You can tie some balloons on the wrist or you can surround the doll with small red balloons. If you can find more stuffed Elmo toys, you can also surround him with blocks that can serve as the doll’s “stage.” You can also use other Sesame Street characters to compliment the Elmo themed party decorations.

You can use food as your centerpiece. Have small cakes made and use it as the centerpiece. This helps serving the cake per table a lot easier while serving as a centerpiece. If cakes are too expensive, you can use cupcakes. Simply use red frosting and put an Elmo cupcake topper on it. If you have a bigger budget, you can order customized edible centerpieces. Some centerpieces can be made from cut fruit or cookies. Order an Elmo-themed edible centerpiece and put it in the center of the table. It’s edible so the guests can snack on it during the party as well. Another idea is to use a fishbowl. Elmo has a pet goldfish named Dorothy. You can place a live fish as part of the centerpiece or you can create your own edible fishbowl centerpiece. Use blue gelatin and put a plastic goldfish before it sets.

7 Photos of the Elmo Party Decorations

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