Formal Dining Sets

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Using formal dining sets help set the tone of your dining area. The dining room furniture dictates whether the homeowners prefer a formal or informal dining area. Some dining rooms have formal decorations while others create a more casual appearance. But aside from the style of furniture in the room, the location of the room in conjunction with the overall design helps determine the tone of the dining room.

Differentiation formal dining sets and informal dining sets

There are different factors that help distinguish a formal dining room from an informal one. Using formal dining sets easily gives the idea that the room has a formal tone to it. However, aside from the dining room furniture, here are some of the other factors that help determine what type of space the dining room is, formal or casual.

9 Piece Formal Dining Set

The location speaks a lot about the room. Formal dining rooms typically have a room of their own while informal dining areas sometimes share space with the kitchen or living room. Formal dining areas sometimes have a door that can be closed off from the rest of the house. Pass-through dining rooms are also separated from other room but it has open doorways that allow people to pass through the dining room to other rooms. It’s less formal but it can still be considered as a formal dining room.

Another factor that helps create a formal look is the type of linens used in the room. Fine linens immediately provide a formal look even when the dining room set is informal. Heavy linen or lace tablecloth covers may look less formal. If your dining room furniture is made from quality wood, it may look formal even without a tablecloth. Draperies also play a part in setting the tone. Heavy, lined draperies made from dark-colored fine fabrics provide a more formal look as compared to light drapery hears or panels. Another feature to take note of is that formal dining rooms rarely have chair pads.

In terms of the room accessories, a chandelier or pendant light creates a formal ambiance. In comparison, silver or crystal candlesticks, pitchers and other serving dishes are more formal compared to glass or other ceramic materials. A rug beneath the table is also an instant formal décor piece depending on the style. Persian-style rugs or dark colored rugs look more formal compared to modern designed or light colored rugs.

How to shop for formal dining sets

Formal dining sets come in different designs. As discussed earlier, there are several factors that can help create a formal ambiance in the dining room. However, a formal dining room set makes it a lot easier to create a formal tone. When shopping for formal dining sets, you will need to check back on the style you’re going for. Formal dining sets come in different styles so one design may not suit all formal decorating styles. Also, another important factor when shopping for formal dining sets is the quality of the material. Quality wood is preferred when wanting to create a formal dining room design.

6 Photos of the Formal Dining Sets

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