Free Standing Tree House Plans

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A tree house is every child’s dream. While not everyone grew up to have the chance to play in a tree house, we all wish we had one at our backyards when we were younger. A tree house is perfect for families with kids because it’s a great venue for playing and it gives the kids a sense of territory. In the tree house, they can have their own space and they can feel in command of the space. This is an important milestone for kids because it helps them understand responsibility. Thing is, not everyone has a tree in their backyards. In fact, not everyone has a backyard. The latter situation can be hard to remedy but if it’s just the tree that’s out of the picture, you can use free standing tree house plans instead. It gives the joy and fun of having a tree house even without a tree in the yard.

Things to consider when making free standing tree house plans

Free standing tree house plans make it possible to create a fort for your kids even without a tree. It doesn’t make it less of a tree house in terms of purpose and function. A tree house needs to be sturdy and safe for the kids. With that in mind, it shouldn’t be a project you take with mediocre planning. Begin by assessing your space. The type of space you have will determine the type of tree house you can have.

free standing tree house plans

Start by doing your part in your community or neighborhood. Talk to your neighbors about your intentions of building a tree house to see if it might affect any of their views. Discuss your ideas to help create an open line of communication to avoid fights in the future. Check your local codes or building codes. Some areas have restrictions on tree houses or require specifics in the structure of a tree house like the proximity to your property line, the distance above the ground, electricity lines, etc. It is also common to be required of building permits or engineered plans. It is, after all, a place to be used by kids and thus need to be in accordance to safety protocols.

Free standing tree house design plans and others

There are different free standing tree house plans available depending on the type of tree house design you want. Some of the most common tree house designs include A-frame tree house, lookout tower design and open tree house design.

An A-frame tree house design has a floor topped with a roof. The size determines how big the interior space can be. It is supported by four posts and can be supported further by making a stair in the middle. A lookout tower tree house uses a tower design. It is also supported by four posts and works best with a trap door design. An open tree house design is simply an open platform which can be made safe by putting railings around it.

6 Photos of the Free Standing Tree House Plans

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