Front Door with Sidelights

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After the façade of a front yard or garden, your front door is the next thing that any passerby can see. It’s one of the first things that guests will notice. While not a lot of people put enough attention to picking their front door designs, it’s as important as any part of the exterior house design. Another consideration for front doors is that it represents the safety precautions and security of your home. So, if you think front doors aren’t really something you should take time to plan out, think again. Front door with sidelights is one design you can consider

A side-lighted entry door can immediately transform a dark or dull entry area into an inviting and attractive introduction to your home. It adds a whole new character to the front of a house. Sidelight doors come in widths from 4 to 12 ft., depending on the door style and glazing options. They are commonly ordered as a unit but can also be bought separately. Buying side-lighted entry doors are better when bought as a unit because it makes installation less complicated.

Exterior Door with Side Lights

Shopping for front door with sidelights

Front door with sidelights comes in a variety of designs. The crucial first step when looking into front door with sidelights is to take accurate measurements. Entry doors with sidelights are usually bought as a unit so making sure that the measurements match the opening is important. There are customizable designs for irregularly shaped entryways. As far as style goes, front door with sidelights come in different styles from contemporary, traditional, French door designs, modern, and so much more.

How to install front door with sidelights

Installing front door with sidelights shouldn’t be difficult if it was bought as a unit. Buying pieces separately can create difficulties like difference in measurements.

To begin installation, remove the door from the frame by tapping the hinges with a hammer and nail-set. Set it aside for the mean time. Work on the sidelights and set the jamb into the entryway opening. Proper placement is important. Center the jamb in the opening and then place the door shims between the studs in the wall and the jamb. Drive the nail through the holes, the shim and into the stud. Once that’s done, plumb the jamb with the level and secure it by inserting another door shim on the same side. Put the level on top the jamb to make sure that it’s straight or even. When you’re sure about the placement, return the door and install back the hinges to secure it.

There are a lot of available resources for DIY installation of front door with sidelights. Another advantage of buying a unit side-lighted front door is that all materials are part of the unit. There’s no need to buy separate hinges or there’s no need to drill holes because the materials are pre-cut and pre-drilled. It also comes with instructions which makes the installation so much simpler for any homeowner with minimal carpentry skills.

7 Photos of the Front Door with Sidelights

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