Garage Lift Storage

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A garage lift storage can help you maximize your garage space. There are several types of garage lift storage solutions and hoists. The car lift is a kind of garage lift storage and it helps you park two cars in your garage easily.

What you need to know before buying garage lift storage for cars

Before deciding to buy a garage lift storage for cars, there are a few things you should do in order to end up with the right product. When choosing a brand that sells car lifts, go for companies that offer a lot of information about their company and product. Research the company’s background and previous achievements. Always find out who is the manufacturer of the product. There are a lot of label brands that simply put their logos on products made in a factory sweatshop.

Homemade Garage Storage Lift

Another consideration before buying is that you should know your garage. Measure and re-measure your garage and check if it is physically feasible to install a car lift inside. Car lift alterations are sometimes possible but it’s going to be costly. Double-check with local installers to find out the minimum space you will need to install a new auto lift. Check the dimensions of your cars against your space. You can also ask around for friends or neighbors who have car lifts to see how it looks like and how it works. Getting tips straight from people who have the same product is more reliable than basing it on online reviews by other people you don’t know.

Find out the different offers of companies that sell car lifts. It doesn’t hurt to shop around for the best deal. After all, you’re doing this to improve your garage design. Don’t go for cheap products just because they cost less. Check for warranty because even the best automotive lift is still just a machine. It can still fail and having a warranty is important. You should also check for ALI seal. The Automotive Lift Institute’s certification is the only internationally recognized standard for car lifts. Make sure you buy a product with this seal.

If you can find a company that has good customer support or staff, that’s a bonus. Some homeowners don’t know the features they want. A good customer support should be able to explain and provide options for you. Finally, check that the product came from real engineering. A company that is dedicated to making their own products would be advisable.

Other types of garage lift storage

Aside from car lift storage, there are other storage solutions for the garage that uses the same mechanism as the garage lift storage for cars. Overhead storage solutions that are suspended help keep items off the floor leaving more work room. They can also serve as storage space for items that are used seasonally. Hoists are also used as a storage solution.

6 Photos of the Garage Lift Storage

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