Garage Overhead Storage Racks

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Even with a large home you can still find yourself lacking storage space. There’s no such thing as having too much space for storage. One of the most forgotten spaces can have the most potential. We often forget about corner spaces, nooks, and vertical spaces. The space over our heads is one of the most overlooked potential in terms of storage space. So, if you’re short on storage space, look up and assess the possibilities. The garage is one of the places that need a lot of storage. But instead of taking up the floor space which could be used for a better car parking area, why not use the overhead space. There are a lot of overhead storage designs that make it easier to organize the garage. Find out more about garage overhead storage racks to help you keep your garage organized and more spacious.

Options for garage overhead storage racks

Garage overhead storage racks aren’t the most conventional storage space. It is, however, a very useful one. Overhead storage is one of the best ways to store bulky items that you rarely use. Having an overhead storage can help you free some space in your attic or basement. This way, you can use the space for something else.  Here are some ideas you can use.

garage overhead storage racks

Wired shelving is the most flexible method in creating an overhead storage. Use a wire to suspend a shelf from the ceiling beams. This requires sturdy eyebolts installed into the ceiling beams. The design is very basic. Loop a chain through the wires of the shelf and then attach it to the bold. To make a flexible shelf that you can lower when you want to, you can leave some extra chain. This will allow you to drop the shelf lower should you need to store taller items. An important consideration when using this method is the level of the shelf or rack. Make sure all four corners are leveled so the items stored won’t fall off or slide down.

There are a ready-made overhead storage racks that can be bought from most home improvement stores. But if you want to make your own, there are several other designs that you can make. One of the cheaper ideas includes using storage crates or bins. You’ll need to install a slider on the ceiling. The right measurement is important when using this kind of overhead storage design.

What not to put in garage overhead storage racks

Garage overhead storage racks are beneficial. However, it can’t store everything. There are items that are best kept elsewhere. Heavy or hard to immobilize items like a lawn mower, a cutter, or other heavy equipment wouldn’t be safe overhead. A bowling bowl isn’t also an ideal item to put above our heads. Basically, heavy items shouldn’t be put on top because should the storage rack break, it can cause a lot of damage to a person who gets hit below. Another item not to store overhead is flammable liquids or other liquid agents that might spill or drip.

6 Photos of the Garage Overhead Storage Racks

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