Garden Fencing Ideas

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There are a lot of garden fencing ideas that can play diverse roles when it comes to home designs. Fences used to refer to perimeter fences which are used to surround a home site. Today, however, designers look at fences a little more differently. It’s now more than just something we use to dictate territory. Garden fences are now used for different purposes like landscaping and partitions. It is used like a wall in making partitions. For example, it can be used to enclose a swimming pool or a vegetable garden. It controls the view and helps define the home space in an open way.

What you need to know about garden fencing ideas

In all garden fencing ideas, you need to make sure it satisfies a few requirements. In terms of garden fence designs, it can be very flexible. It can take on any alignment depending on your location and configuration. You have an option to use it as a strong design element or you can make it disappear into the background of your garden landscape.

DIY Garden Fencing Ideas

As for the materials, there are many options you can use for fencing. Due to the increasing cost of lumber, non-wood alternatives are becoming popular. It’s more long lasting and has less damage to the environment. It has its advantages over lumber. For example, vinyl offers more colors and style compared to what you can create from lumber. Wrought iron is also another popular material due to its affordability.

An emphasis on security has put garden fencing ideas into a more innovative phase. Video cameras and entry gates with intercoms are making home more secure. There are numerous kinds of garden fencing ideas that offer security and aesthetic appeal as well. While it will jack up the costs, it’s deemed as a wise investment by most landscape professionals and home designers.

DIY garden fencing ideas

Depending on the style you want to go for and the main purpose of your garden fence, different garden fencing ideas may seem appealing to you while others may seem ridiculous. Here are easy ideas you can apply in any DIY garden fencing project.

The classic white picket fence is a charming and laid back style. Pair it with a gazebo and a gate and you’re sure to create a welcoming space. A low fence allows you to create definition in your home but doesn’t obstruct the view. Add a pathway towards the gazebo or garden and you create a design that beckons guests to explore. You can use vinyl to re-create this look with a touch of modern style. You get the pristine appearance of a white-picket fence but you have more options in terms of colors.

For an old-world charm, using a brick pillar to hold the fences, whether wood or iron makes your home, works wonders. It’s sturdy and visually appealing. But for a more private design, tightly packed stakes or wood may be what’s best for you. Bamboo or upright timber can help provide privacy and in turn be used as a background for your flowers. For a vegetable garden, you can check out Vegetable Garden Fencing Ideas.



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