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Home decor is a crucial element in interior designing or home decorating. The way people decorate and furnish their homes, the objects they choose to display and their choice of materials reveal a lot about the homeowners’ values, tastes and aspirations. Decorations and furnishings also contribute to the homeowners’ sense of mental and physical well-being. Home decorations play a very big part in the overall appearance of each room in a house and for these reasons, many people take a lot of time planning the right decorations to use when decorating the interiors of their homes.

Home decorations have long been influenced by social trends. A lot of interior designers predict interior designing trends for the next year basing on the current fashion, lifestyle, economic status, environmental issues, etc. From the 19th century, the middle class homes were seen as a refuge where people can enjoy their family life. It was ideally supposed to be a convenient place to live and raise children while still being able to receive visitors or guests. These needs started the trend to decorate rooms to serve their distinct functions. The interior fixtures and decorations help mark the public and private areas of a house.

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What the home decor says about the home owners?

The choice of home decor used in the interior of the house say a lot about the people living in it. For example, social class is reflected in the home decorations. People could subtly reveal their status or the status they aspire through the quality of materials used in the home decorations or ornaments displayed in the house. As an example, the presence of books on bookshelves suggests that the homeowners are educated. Original artworks hint that the people living there are cultured. Souvenir displays show that the people are well-travelled. There are a lot of other decorations or displays that can tell a family’s class.

Wealth can also be seen in the home decorations. For example, expensive luxury living room furniture indicates that the homeowners are well-off. As part of history, homes back in the 20th century that had radios, televisions, sound systems, gramophones, etc. indicated that the people living there were upwardly mobile.

The choice of home decors for the different rooms can also show how creative the inhabitants are. Even if a family is not wealthy, there are various ways that one can decorate a home without spending so much. Home interior decorating provides the opportunity to exercise judgment in terms of color, choice of material, arrangement of furnishings and others which can reflect the level of creativity of the decorator. While the decorating style is guided by trends, an innate design sense can easily be seen in homes decorated creatively.

Another thing that outsiders can see through one’s home decoration is their identity and tradition. The way the house is decorated reveals the personality and life experiences of the owner. Framed photographs, items collected over a lifetime show how a person lived his life.

Importance of home decor

While choosing home decor seems like an easy task, homeowners must be aware that their choice of decorations can easily reflect their personality, lifestyle, hobbies, wants, aspirations and other personal details.

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