How to Fix Concrete Steps

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Concrete steps are known to be durable and long lasting. It’s the perfect option for outdoor stairs. However, proper maintenance of concrete steps is important in preserving the appearance and prolonging their life span. Waterproofing concrete steps is necessary for optimal protection especially against moisture. When moisture seeps into the concrete, cracks and holes will form and will eventually damage a larger portion of the concrete steps. With that said, it’s important to know how to fix concrete steps. While homeowners can hire a professional to make the necessary repairs, it’ll help homeowners cut costs by learning how to maintain their own concrete steps.

How to fix concrete steps: repair

Old houses often have concrete front and back steps that have weathered harsh elements over the years. You’ll notice that most of them are crumbling along the edges and it takes time to recast damaged steps but it isn’t difficult. Concrete steps break up more easily in northern climates because water soaks into the concrete, freezes and breaks off the outside corners. Once that starts, the damage spreads along the front of the step, eventually turning the step into a ramp. This makes your steps very unattractive and dangerous.

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The best repair for severe corner and front edge breakage is to recap them. You will need to break away the damaged areas, rebuild them with new concrete and coat the entire steps to create a uniform look. This usually takes 2 days depending on how many steps are damaged. Here’s a clearer step by step process on how to fix concrete steps.

Turn your saw into a wet saw. Rig up a water line using irrigation system parts. The water will keep the blade cool and will eliminate dust. Make sure to plug the saw into an extension cord with built-in GFCI protection to avoid electrocution. Once you’re ready, slice up the damaged area. Cut the stair tread into a 4 or 5 inch grid pattern. The more cuts you make, the easier it will be to saw into concrete. Break out the blocks. Use a chisel and whack away. The squares of concrete you created will pop off neatly causing less damage.

How to fix concrete steps: cementing

Your outdoor space is important so learning how to fix concrete steps should be something that every homeowner should take the time to learn. Once you’ve cut the damaged areas from the stair treads, you’re ready to cement the stairs. You can mix quick setting cement or the regular cement but make sure to follow the instructions properly to make sure the right consistency is achieved. Dampen the area to saturate the surface then use a masonry brush to apply a thin coating of the quick setting cement and start applying the cement to the stairs. Mold and design the stair treads properly.


5 Photos of the How to Fix Concrete Steps

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