How to Pick the Right Living Room Color

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Painting the living room improves the appearance of the living room and can increase the value of your home. Initially, in newly built homes, all rooms are painted already. But for homeowners who want to give the living room a face lift, the dilemma of choosing the right color can arise. It’s important that you know how to pick the right living room color for your home.

The living room is an important room in the house. It’s the room that caters to visitors or guests and it’s usually also the family room. It serves an important role in the life of the homeowners so giving it a lot of attention should be a priority. Before planning on the furniture, room decorations, and room accessories in the living room, the color scheme and living room paint comes ahead.

how to pick the right living room color

How to Pick the Right Living Room Color: Considerations

To begin painting the walls of your living room, here’s a tip: always apply primer before painting. It’ll make the paint last longer and creates a smooth base before you apply the paint you want. It will help minimize discoloration throughout the walls. Another tip you should consider doing is to test the paint in dark corners or inconspicuous spots before completing the paint job. A good idea when choosing the right shade of paint is to test it under different types of lighting to see how it’ll look. Here are some of the considerations before focusing on how to pick the right living room color.

How to Pick the Right Living Room Color: Step by step

This is especially important when you’re repainting the living room. Make an inventory of what you already have in the living room; furniture, accessories, drapery, wall art, flooring, and everything else. The paint you choose should complement your existing living room accessories unless you are willing to replace these items.

The first step to learning how to pick the right living room color, you should be clear on your style. Decide what kind of mood or atmosphere you want your living room to express. Choose a theme for your living room. It doesn’t have to be specific but choose a specific style. For example, if you want an elegant and richly decorated room, going for deep reds or browns might be a good choice. If you’re going for an airy and light mood, a nautical theme or beach theme may be more appropriate.

Next thing to consider is the size of the room. Decorators used to advice against using bold colors or dark colors in small spaces but with the right color schemes; you can get away with using dark colors even in small rooms. Large rooms can be more flexible when it comes to choosing a color scheme. The color scheme you pick for your living room should coincide with the decorating style you’re going for. Some colors relate automatically to certain themes. For example, beach themes usually use blue, green, and slate color schemes while Victorian decorating styles focus on rich colors like purple, magenta, gold, silver and other deep hued colors.


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