Ice Cream Party Decorations

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Ice cream parties have been part of the American tradition. It dates back to at least the 18th century. While it may seem old-fashioned, it’s a party that never grows old or goes out of style. It’s still an original idea that is fun in any party both for adults and kids; for kids especially because they can consume all the sugar they want. It’s a fun activity to decorate their own ice cream and play with other kids. Ice cream party decorations help make an ice cream party a lot more festive. An ice cream party buffet is fairly easy to put together because there’s already a featured menu. The decorations will serve only to make the party a lot more cheerful.

Ideas for ice cream party decorations

There are different ways you can throw an ice cream party. For a successful party, transform the room or venue into candy land. You can achieve this by planning the right ice cream party decorations. This type of décor will be enjoyed by kids. Prepare large pieces of cardboard and paint ice cream cones, candy canes, lollipops, and other candies. You can display this all around the room or put it against the walls to serve as wall decorations. Use a bit of glitter to make the designs pop out and to connect the space between the decorations and the ceiling, line both the ceiling and floor with tulle. It creates a soft and dreamy look which can mimic children’s dreams.

Ice Cream Balloon Decorations

Another idea for ice cream party decorations is to use the balloons. Roll a brown piece of paper into a cone shape and fill it up with bright-colored balloons. This can easily become a table centerpiece, a ceiling décor or be placed all around the room. You can use one balloon to resemble one scoop or multiple balloons to resemble multiple scoops. It can be placed in the entrance as well or in the stage area.

There are a lot of different ways you can make ice cream cone centerpieces as well. Use party hats and fill it up with pom-poms or Styrofoam balls to mimic a scoop of ice cream. You can glue sprinkles and glitters and decorate it any way you want. This can be placed in glass vases and serve as a centerpiece. Using fabric to make an ice cream centerpiece is also possible.

What makes ice cream party decorations a lot of fun?

The pastel palette color of an ice cream party gives this type of party a lot of possibilities. There are a lot of colors you can use for ice cream party decorations. The variety of ice cream toppings is also another reason for having a lot of ideas in terms of color schemes. An ice cream party idea is perfect when you want to incorporate a lot of colors without making the venue looking cluttered or disorganized. Another reason why ice cream parties are a lot of fun is that you have the perfect excuse to consume as much ice cream as you want!

7 Photos of the Ice Cream Party Decorations

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