Ideas for Storage In Small Bathrooms

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Storage is important for rooms like the kitchen, bedroom, home office, bathroom, and others. It helps in keeping the space organized and it keeps your things protected from different types of damage and dirt. Part of home interior designing is planning the storage areas or spaces in any room. For example, the closet is an essential part of any bedroom design. Kitchen cabinets are always part of any kitchen design planning as well as cabinets in the garage. Making sure that storage is part of the planning in any room can help optimize the space.

Especially with the limited space of homes today, the need to maximize all corners and nooks of a room has become very important. There are a lot of ways you can maximize a small room without paying or buying for expensive modular or modern home accessories. The bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in any house so it’s one of the most challenging spaces to create storage areas in. However, there are ideas for storage in small bathrooms that you can use to help make your bathroom more comfortable and appealing to the eyes even with a lot of things in it.

DIY ideas for storage in small bathrooms

DIY ideas for storage in small bathrooms can be found all over the internet. DIY projects can help you save money. Instead of paying a professional to create storage areas for you, you can easily make your own by buying readily available materials from a hardware or home improvement store. You can also purchase items from thrift stores or reuse materials available in your home. Here are some of the easiest and simplest forms of DIY storage ideas you can make on your own.

If you have an old ladder lying around in the garage or backyard, you can use this as a material. A wall ladder can be used as a storage area for extra towels in a small bathroom. It doesn’t occupy much space because it’s not bulky and you can hang several towels in the different slats of the ladder. The advantage of using this is that you can easily remove it when you need to and easily put it back when you’re expecting a lot of people to need towels.

Another idea is to use baskets or crates. Maximize the wall space and install baskets or crates to make a storage space. Instead of a traditional overhead cabinet, you can easily install these items by drilling or using an L-shaped bracket to support the weight. This adds a decorative feature in the bathroom and can help in the aesthetics of your bathroom interior. It’s also a good way to reuse old baskets or crates. You can get creative and use whatever material you can find like large tin cans.

Spaces you can use ideas for storage in small bathrooms

The different ideas for storage in small bathrooms can be applied in different spaces in the bathroom. Here are some of the most overlooked spaces: the space under the sink, the space over the toilet, behind the door, above the door and of course, the vertical space which is the bathroom walls.

6 Photos of the Ideas for Storage In Small Bathrooms

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