Ideas for White and Lilac Bedroom Chairs

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When decorating a room, a theme or color scheme should be planned out. There are several ways you can make a room beautiful and one of those things includes choosing a color scheme or theme that will match you personality and decorating style. For a light room interior ambiance, white and lilac is a good color scheme.

It’s a suitable color scheme for a bedroom because it’s relaxing and very easy on the eyes. It’s a very feminine color scheme but can be tweaked into a more mature appearance. When decorating the bedroom with this type of color scheme, extending the scheme to other elements of the room aside from the wall colors can create a cohesive bedroom design. Bedroom furniture should also be coordinated with the overall room color scheme so here are some ideas for white and lilac bedroom chairs.

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Ideas for white and lilac bedroom chairs: types of chairs

White and lilac bedroom chairs can come in different designs. Here are some of the most common chair designs that you can use in a bedroom interior. A chair and a half is a large chair but not bigger than a loveseat. However, this type of chair is still ideal for lounging. This isn’t only ideal for the bedroom but also for small living rooms.

A wing chair is a traditional chair design. It is defined by its distinguishable side panels which were originally meant for shielding from drafts in a room or heat from the fireplace. Today however, there’s hardly a need to be protected from drafts but the wings can provide a comfortable surface to rest the head.

Chaise lounge is another type of bedroom chair. It is a long chair which allows you to stretch your legs without using an ottoman. Its design has a semi-reclining angle and perfect for relaxing. A club chair on the other hand is a single-seater that is usually cushy and upholstered. It has a low back and comes with hand rests. This chair design is what can be seen during the 19th Century England Gentlemen’s Clubs.

An occasional chair is usually any type of singe-seater chair that is added in the bedroom as an accent piece. It is selected more for its decorative value than its function. Most designs come with unique upholstery. A slipper chair on the other hand is an armless upholstered chair that comes with short legs. It is comfortable and it is distinguished through its low height.

Ideas for white and lilac bedroom chairs: DIY ideas

Some ideas for white and lilac bedroom chairs can be applied to DIY home projects. If you have old chairs, you can easily update it through repainting or reupholstering. You can also change the cushion covers or sew a slipcover for the chair to match the white and lilac color scheme. There’s no need to buy a new chair for the bedroom interior. You can use any extra chair at home or buy one from a thrift shop or a garage sale.


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