IKEA Kitchen Cabinets Review

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IKEA is a Swedish company in Netherlands. They design and sell ready-to-assemble furniture like beds, chairs, desks, cabinets, and others. It’s known to be the world’s largest furniture retailer. The name is an acronym for its founder Ingvar Kamprad combined with the first letters of Elmtaryd and Agunnaryd, the farm where he grew up and his hometown’s name. The company is known for its modern architectural design and their association to an eco-friendly and simple design structures.

IKEA has a lot of products designed over the years. They’re known to be among the most affordable furniture and appliances which is why it is a household brand for most people. When shopping for IKEA cabinets for your kitchen, it’s worth taking the time to read IKEA kitchen cabinets review.

IKEA kitchen cabinets review

IKEA kitchen cabinets review: a take on different factors

Most homeowners choose IKEA because of the price and modern design. The company is known for its attention to cost control and operational details. This allows them to sell their products at more affordable prices compared to other furniture brands. In terms of kitchen cabinets, IKEA can provide a lot of options in terms of size and style while staying within an affordable budget.

IKEA kitchen cabinets review will tell you that IKEA designs are mostly modular. People can buy them in any configuration and adapt them to the style they want. Most of their cabinet designs are frameless, making it easy to adapt to modern, flat-fronted doors. In terms of quality of material, IKEA uses particle board, a material similar to medium density fiberboard (MDF). It’s a red flag to some people but when you compare to other brands, they also use particle boards and up until today, there’s still an unclear decision whether cabinet-grade plywood is more superior to MDF. Buying a solid, quality wood type cabinet can increase our costs. Another good thing about IKEA kitchen cabinets is that they have quality hardware. They use solid metal. They’re cheap but not flimsy products.

IKEA kitchen cabinets review: difficulties with IKEA cabinets

As most individual IKEA kitchen cabinets review you will find, there’s one thing that makes getting an IKEA cabinet a very big disadvantage. Their products are great for seasoned d-it-yourselfers. If you’re the type who loves to do simple carpentry work, you’ll find IKEA products easy to work with.

The most challenging part when putting up IKEA furniture pieces is the installation or setting up. Some IKEA stores contracts local companies to do the actual installation. However, some areas don’t have this and homeowners may have to contract someone else. Hiring someone to do it may add to your costs but is a better option than trying to assemble the cabinets on your own.

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