Interior Designs for very Small Living Room

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Interior designs for very small living room are usually restricted. While there are a lot of ways one can decorate a small space, there is still the factor of size which can have a very big impact on the overall design of any space or room. The living room is an important area in any house so it does need some planning to get the best out of the space.

Things to consider in interior designs for very small living room

When choosing interior designs for very small living room spaces, always keep your personality or decorating style in mind. Don’t compromise the style you want or the scheme you want just because you lack the space. There are a lot of unique ways to achieve different decorating styles even in small spaces.

Interior Design Living Room Apartment

Ideas for interior designs for very small living room

To get the best interior designs for very small living room spaces, here are some ideas you can use. Not everything can be applied at once but you can mix one, two or more of these ideas to get the most from a small living room space.

Consider investing in good storage. With a small living room space, you will need all the storage space you can get. The living room isn’t really the typical room to store a lot of items but it will still need proper storage spaces for things like magazines, pictures, books, etc. that are normally found in a living room. Building built-in shelves or ceiling racks can cost more but it can potentially keep the living room more organized in the long run. You can also focus on furniture pieces that offer extra storage spaces.

In line with shopping for living room furniture, you may also want to consider choosing modular furniture. Modular furniture designs are very unique. They are made to fit in different spaces and can function as different items depending on what you need. For example, a couch that can be assembled as a bed at night is a big space-saver especially when you lack the space for an extra room. You can also buy low furniture designs. This creates an illusion that the space between the ceiling and the furniture pieces is bigger than it actually is.

In terms of living room décor or overall scheme, go for a simple scheme. Less is more when you’re dealing with a small space. Go for symmetric pieces because it can help create more texture in the room making it appear wider than it actually is. Symmetry plays with our visual perception so it helps give the feeling of a wider space when used correctly.

Using glass or adding mirrors can also help make the room seem larger. Instead of a solid wooden coffee table, consider replacing it with a glass table. Being able to see through it also helps in creating visual space. Reflections in the mirror makes a room appear wider. You can use this as part of the wall decoration in the living room.

6 Photos of the Interior Designs for very Small Living Room

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