Interior Paint Colors for 2014

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The interior paint colors for 2014 are distinct from previous years’ trends because of its characteristic of being very close to nature. For example, the seashore provides an endless inspiration which one can immediately recognize from the paint color trends released by different big paint companies. The interpretation of the sea colors may be different per company but the similarities are uncanny. The seashore alone can create colors that range from mint green to a pale blues. The mud, grains of sand and driftwood can be interpreted in different shades of pinks, yellows, whites, and blues. The movement towards green living, eco-friendly and more environmentally aware activities seem to also be reflected in the choice of paint color trends for this year.

Paint trends are not created on its own. It is a reflection of the direction of people’s lifestyle. It’s a representation of where we’re heading into 2014. The latest looks in fashion, home trends, textiles, arts and culture, all affect the paint trends and the forecast of paint companies on this year’s paint colors.

Interior paint colors for 2014

Interior paint colors for 2014: Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams take on the interior paint colors for 2014 is divided into four different color schemes ; reasoned, diaphanous, curiosity, and intrinsic. Let’s dissect each scheme to learn more on the inspiration or story of each color scheme.

Logic takes on gray as the new black. It’s a representation that math is the new sexy and the story behind this scheme is that this year, we embrace the inner geek in each of us. There’s a lot of geometry and this scheme focuses on using shadows, negative space and tone to create structure. Colors from this scheme include classic French gray, Tricorn black, extra white, gauntlet gray, agreeable gray, crushed ice, Earl gray and peppercorn.

Diaphanous is light, delicate and translucent. Think of a soft gleam behind gossamer fabric. This scheme represents luxury, exquisity, spiritual balance and strength. It can be interpreted as seeing the influence of menswear on female clothing. Colors from this scheme include beige, sandbank, malted milk, nonchalant white, spun sugar, alpaca, balanced beige, steamed milk, Westhighland and Fleur De Sel.

Curiosity is the strange one. It’s a meet up of mad science and fantasy. It’s a combination of colors you would think of when having a sweet dream and a feverish nightmare. It’s inspired by the molecular level which is why it brings out a lot of textures, colors and patterns. It can be considered odd in a way and it has a bizarre beauty to it. The colors in this scheme include library pewter, antiquarian brown, blue peacock, enigma, relic bronze, exclusive plum, quixotic plum, anew gray, show stopper, and sealskin.

Lastly, Intrinsic is the global melting pot where different worlds and cultures meet. This scheme is a representation of embroidery, batik, handmade lace and other ethnic dyeing techniques. It focuses on earthy tones, folklore aesthetics and leans towards Bohemianism. Colors in this scheme include polished mahogany, ramie, sawdust, ceremonial gold, Georgian Bay, houseplant, Capri, dynamo, ablaze, raucous orange.

Different interior paint colors for 2014 have been released by paint brands. They’re not absolute rules to interior designing. Instead, they serve as a guide to homeowners of the interior color schemes that will match the current lifestyle trends.

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