Kit Home Prices

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Kit houses are a type of housing is sold at a fixed price. The kit includes all materials needed for construction except the materials needed to lay a foundation. The materials of the foundation like brick, concrete or masonry is excluded from this type of kit. The idea is that the homeowner should have the foundation done locally and then install the kit house afterwards. Kit home prices vary depending on the plans and styles. These houses can be simple as a bungalow or imposing as Colonial houses.

Things you should know about kit home prices

Kit houses are also known as mill-cut houses, ready-cut houses, mail order homes, catalog homes or re-cut houses. The terms may vary but the idea is the same for all of these. Kit houses are built to be permanent, not temporary structures. It is not similar to sectional-portable houses. The latter can be taken down and moved by being unbolted. Ready-cut houses are permanent. The construction of the house is similar to any other frame house where the lumber is framed.

kit home prices

Modular homes, on the other hand, are built in sections at a factory. A house kit is complete. Every separate piece of lumber is shipped already numbered and cut to fit its particular place in the house. It eliminates the need to measure and cut. This saves a lot of time for homeowners as compared to traditional home building methods. The advantage of using house kits includes reduction of waste in materials and labor. Every piece, from joists and bridging, studs, sheathing, clapboards, shingles, plaster, drywall, doors and windows, railings, columns and others, are cut, ready to fit and labeled for easy assembly. While most products have standardized house kits, some companies accept customized house kits for an additional charge. This is where kit home prices vary by a large margin. When you opt for customized house kits over standard designs, you can expect to pay more.

Comparison of kit home prices

Kit home prices will vary because of the different models. Many models have two or three floor plans. The exterior could be clapboards, stucco, clapboards, or framed for brick. Customers have the option to opt to add or remove walls, windows, or doors. When ordering house kits, customers choose the features they want to be included in the kit. Sun rooms, flower boxes, porches, balconies, built-in cabinets are only a few among the most common add-ons that one can choose to include in the ordering of house kits.

Comparison of kit home prices can be done online. There are sites that allow you to compare two or more house kit products. However, there will be variations in the design and floor plan. The size of the house kits will also vary because not all companies follow the same standard size for these house kits. The style of the house and the design will also affect the price. As mentioned earlier, a bungalow house design will be cheaper than a colonial style house design.




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