Kitchen Island Lighting Fixtures

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Kitchen island lighting fixtures are essential in the overall design of kitchen islands. Islands are very versatile in terms of function and design. They can be used as a working counter or a dining area, depending on the design. It’s also a good place to create extra storage space for appliances or kitchen accessories. Basically, the kitchen island can serve different purposes and provide a number of advantages.

Not all kitchens have the luxury to have a kitchen island so it’s an added feature that can improve the kitchen interior design. It gives an aesthetic appearance while being a highly functional space as well. With that said, it’s important to plan out the proper lighting for the area.

Lighting Fixtures for Islands

How to choose kitchen island lighting fixtures

When deciding on your kitchen island lighting fixtures, there are a few things you will need to take into consideration. The cost is among the first factors you will need to think about. Ensuring that you stay within the budget allotted for your kitchen design is important. Setting a certain amount or budget for the kitchen lighting will help you make better decisions when choosing. It provides a limitation or a range on what products you should use. The electricity consumption should also be a factor when deciding. If you can find fixtures that use low wattage, but provides enough illuminance, the better.

Next to consider is the design. Kitchen island lighting comes in different designs. While the most common is pendant lighting, this style still allows a lot of versatility. Pendant lighting comes in different styles that can suit your kitchen decorating style. There are country style pendant lights, modern pendant lights, contemporary pendant lights and other designs.

Once you’ve chosen a design, this can help you determine how many fixtures you will need. If you have a long kitchen island, you may need more than one fixture. Especially if the design you’ve chosen are small kitchen pendant lights. One regular sized fixture may be enough to light a small kitchen island. The size of your kitchen island and the size of your choice of light fixture will determine how many you will need.

Things to consider when using kitchen island lighting fixtures

Kitchen island fixtures should be installed properly in order to serve its function properly. It’s important to have the proper distance from the ceiling and from the counter of the island. This way, maximal benefits from the fixture can be received. If you install the lights too high from the island, it will not provide enough lighting for the area. If you install it too low, it can block the view of the people seated around the kitchen island.

Another consideration in terms of installation is the aesthetic contribution of the light fixtures to the overall kitchen interior design. It should complement the kitchen interior and not take away the focus on the features of the kitchen you want to use a focal point. Finally, it should be functional and not purely for decorative purposes.

5 Photos of the Kitchen Island Lighting Fixtures

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