Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting

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Kitchen island pendant lighting is an added feature that can improve your kitchen interior design. Kitchen islands can be used for different purposes. It can be a dining area when you add chairs around the island or on one side. It can also be the prep area when cooking and some designs come with built-in sinks, stove tops or built-in refrigerators. The space can also be used for homework and other tasks. These are among the benefits of having a kitchen island in the kitchen. It gives an aesthetic appearance while being a highly functional space as well.

With that said, it’s important to plan out the proper lighting for the area of the kitchen island. Kitchen island pendant lighting is commonly used to illuminate this area because it can focus on the specific space.

Glass Pendant Lighting

What is kitchen island pendant lighting?

Kitchen island pendant lighting usually comes as pendant lights. It is meant to provide illumination over the kitchen island area and meant for task lighting. These light fixtures are installed from the ceiling and meant to concentrate on the island’s countertop. This not only provides illumination but helps in highlighting the material of the countertop. It can easily highlight a pricey granite finish or any other type of finish. Most kitchen pendant lights come with a dimmer switch. This allows you to adjust the intensity of light for cooking, entertaining, reading or any other task.

Different types of kitchen island pendant lighting

Kitchen island pendant lighting comes in different sizes, styles and finishes. This gives a homeowner a lot of options for the kitchen lighting. There’s also no problem in looking for a pendant lighting design that will suit your decorating style. For example, a modern kitchen can use a clean-lined mini pendant lighting design. Bold-colored glass pendant lighting fit contemporary kitchen interiors while nickel finish pendant lighting can be used for country style decorating. There are different designs that will fit any decorating style.

Depending on your kitchen island size, over-island lighting can use a single pendant or a group of small pendant lights. A single pendant light can range from 15 to 22 inches. This is enough to provide light for a standard sized kitchen island. Some may opt to use mini-pendants. This design comes in threes or twos and works best when you’re going for a dramatic look.

More about kitchen island pendant lighting

Kitchen island pendant lighting should be placed 35 to 40 inches above the kitchen island countertop. Of course, you can adjust this depending on your needs and preferences. For example, if you have tall family members, you can install the lights a bit higher

Pendant lights are also called drops or suspenders. They’re not only used in the kitchen area but can also be used in all the other rooms in a house. It can be considered as the less formal version of a chandelier. So when you’re looking for something that can provide the same dramatic appearance of a chandelier but you have a small space, use pendant lighting instead.

5 Photos of the Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting

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