Kitchen LED Lighting

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A more energy efficient type of lighting is LED lighting. As compared to the standard incandescent light, LED lighting uses only one-tenth of the electricity of an incandescent light. It also lasts 41 times longer than incandescent lights which make it a very cost-effective choice when looking for the right type of lighting. Among the applications of LED lighting is in the kitchen.

The kitchen is one of the rooms in the house that needs sufficient lighting. There are areas in the kitchen that a single ceiling light fixture can’t reach. The space under the cabinets is one among many areas that need lighting. Kitchen LED lighting can help illuminate all the areas of the kitchen without consuming too much electricity.

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Pros and cons of kitchen LED lighting

Kitchen LED lighting has a longer lifespan than incandescent lights. When used in a suitable environment, it doesn’t need a lot of maintenance making it more cost-effective. It’s also known for its higher efficiency because it uses less power resulting to lower heat output. Incandescent lights waste 90% of the power on heat output, something that we don’t see in LED lighting. It’s also known to have a lower fire risk because it has lower infra-red and ultraviolet output. Another advantage of LED lighting is that it switches on and off faster and doesn’t easily get damaged by short on-off cycles. They’re also a more environment-friendly option because they last longer. It doesn’t emit as much CO2 and doesn’t contain any toxic materials like mercury vapor in CFL or compact fluorescent lights. Lastly, it doesn’t have glass so there’s no risk of breakage from vibration.

As a downside, kitchen LED lighting can be more expensive and not all types of LED lights can be dimmed. Some people also prefer the quality of light form incandescent or halogen lights but LED lights are getting better. The cons of using LED lights aren’t the same for everyone because some may encounter compatibility problems from low voltage transformers when retrofitting. The cons are based more on the wrong engineering but it doesn’t happen on all the time. It’s happens randomly which requires you to make sufficient research when you need something specific and have unique LED light fixtures already installed.

How to install kitchen LED lighting

Kitchen LED lighting is easy to install. It doesn’t require special wiring. It’s as basic as installing the light strip into an outlet. Here’s a brief instruction on how you can install LED lights under a kitchen cabinet. An easy way to do this is to order or buy flexible light strips. Attach mounting channels in an area that can be hidden from sight when standing in the kitchen. Use screws to anchor it or use liquid nails to hold it in place. You can now attach the LED light strip with the attached tape. Continue doing this until you cover the needed area. Move towards the side of the outlet so when you’re done attaching the last strip, you can easily connect the end of the strip to the driver strip. This will make it easier to connect it to an outlet.

5 Photos of the Kitchen LED Lighting

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