Kitchen Lighting Plans

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Lighting is an important element in any interior decorating project. The furniture, wall colors, room accessories and decorations each play a part in a successful interior design but what binds all of these to create a comfortable ambiance is the lighting. Lighting can come from two different sources: natural and artificial. Some interior design styles maximize the use of natural lights. For example, Japanese home interiors usually create large windows or wall windows to let natural light in. There are sky windows as well that can be added to the interior design. As for the artificial light, this is when we use light fixtures to illuminate a room or a space. Natural light has its advantages but when night falls, you will need to use artificial light in order to see what you’re doing.

The kitchen is known to be the heart of the home. It is where meals are prepared and shared by the family or the occupants of the house. It is known to be the place of socialization among family members and it’s the part of the house that reminds us of a cozy and relaxing place. With that in mind, kitchen lighting plans are an important part of the kitchen planning. Lighting can set the right tone or mood in the room. It makes the kitchen area a functional space even at night and it helps in the overall interior design or appearance of the kitchen.

Kitchen Lighting Designs Layouts

Importance of kitchen lighting plans

The kitchen lighting plans have a lot to do in terms of function and aesthetic s. You need lighting in a space where you want to work or move around in. The kitchen is one of the rooms that gets used during day time and night time. It’s the place for cooking, eating, entertaining guests and so much more. Without lighting, this room can easily become useless once there’s no natural light available. There are different design plans for lighting a kitchen. Depending on the kitchen layout you have, the kitchen lighting plan can be customized to suit your needs.

Different kitchen lighting plans

The simplest and most basic among kitchen lighting plans is using a large central lighting situated in the middle of the ceiling. This design plan works when you have an open layout style kitchen design or a small kitchen space. One light is enough to illuminate the whole kitchen area and makes every corner illuminated.

However, there are kitchen designs that come with different features. For example, having a kitchen island in the middle of the kitchen can make it hard to illuminate the whole room with just one central light fixture. If your kitchen layout has a sink or countertop with cabinets above it, it can also be hard to see what you’re doing. With these kinds of kitchen interior layout, adding small light fixtures placed strategically above the kitchen island or under the cabinets to light the countertops or sink can be done. When you have a unique kitchen design, you will need customized kitchen lighting plans to cater to your style and needs.

6 Photos of the Kitchen Lighting Plans

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