Kitchen Sink Lighting

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Kitchen sink lighting is not a fundamental part of all kitchen interior designs. Installing a kitchen sink light fixture depends on the kitchen design. Some people may install light fixtures over the kitchen sink more for aesthetics than function. But it’s worth taking note that not all kitchen designs have a kitchen sink light.

Why install kitchen sink lighting

The most common reason people install kitchen sink lighting is to provide task lighting. Most contemporary home interior designs have an open layout design. While this kind of design creates a spacious feel for the inhabitants, the distribution of light can be a challenge. For example, a single light fixture installed in the middle of an open layout kitchen and dining area design won’t be enough to illuminate the whole area. This is where task lighting comes in.

Above Kitchen Sink Lighting Ideas

Task lighting basically provides light to specific areas of the room. In the kitchen for example, task lighting can be installed in the kitchen island area. This is functional and decorative at the same time. When using the island to prepare food, having lights right above you can help you work more efficiently. When entertaining guests in the kitchen island, turning on the kitchen island lights creates an ambient mood that makes the dining experience more intimate and cozy. This is similar to the use of kitchen sink lighting. It helps make you work better and more efficiently in that area. The kitchen is a place where one spends time doing visually demanding tasks. This is why some kitchen designs require kitchen sink lighting to help in doing dishes, rinsing vegetables, cutting, slicing or chopping. Proper lighting makes the task easier and safer to do.

Some homeowners add lighting over the sink as a decorative feature because lighting is one of the kitchen features that can be used to beautify the room.

Different types of kitchen sink lighting

There are different types of light fixtures that can be used in the kitchen sink area. Depending on the kitchen design, style and the homeowners’ needs, finding the right kitchen sink lighting could determine how it can positively contribute to the overall kitchen aesthetics and function.

When you have an open space or a window above the sink, standard lighting is enough to provide light in the area. If your kitchen cabinet design however takes over the space above the kitchen, recessed lighting should be used. It can be installed under the cabinet to provide light in the sink area. Decorative lighting is suitable for homeowners who are more concerned about how it will look like in the kitchen. Decorative lighting is a general term used loosely to describe light fixtures that can boost the appearance of the space. Pendant lighting is considered decorative lighting.

There are different types and designs of pendant lights that can be used to complement the kitchen interior design. Just remember that when installing one, the proper distance from the sink to the light should be considered so it won’t be a hindrance to the person working in the sink area.

7 Photos of the Kitchen Sink Lighting

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