Kitchen Table Lighting

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The kitchen needs proper lighting to create a functional yet cozy space. Creating a cozy kitchen is essential especially when you want to make it the heart of your home. Kitchen table lighting illuminates the dining area making it a suitable area to spend time eating, talking, doing homework, etc. At the same time, it helps create character and charm to the room. Adding accent lights under cabinets, alongside pendant lights or chandeliers help create an elegant dining space.

What you need to know about kitchen table lighting

Kitchen table lighting can make or break a dining room. So planning is important despite it being a small feature in the room as compared to other elements like flooring, walls, ceilings, etc. Proper installation is crucial if you want to make sure the light remains functional and decorative at the same time. Remember that the kitchen table lighting should be low enough to cast gentle light on the dining area but not so low that it hinders or blocks a diner’s view of the people across the table. The standard height is 30 inches between the table and the bottom of the light fixture. This is specifically important if you’re using pendant lighting or a chandelier.

kitchen table lighting

The kitchen light design will also affect the placement because depending on the fixture size, it may vary. The 30 inch rule applies to the typical ceiling height which is 8 feet. But if you’re dealing with a kitchen that has a higher or lower ceiling, you will have to adjust accordingly. The ceiling height is a factor; the quality of light from the fixture as well as the design will also play a big role in the proper placement. For delicate chandelier designs, it’s safer to hang them lower as compared to heavier chandelier designs.

Kitchen table lighting designs

There are different options for kitchen table lighting. Explore the different choices before making a decision. Match your choice to your decorating style and your needs. Here are some of the most common types of kitchen lights that you will encounter when shopping.

Incandescent lights dominate most residential interiors. It’s also the most common decorative lighting fixture because it creates a warm and inviting light; perfect for the kitchen ambiance you want to create. However, it produces a lot of heat and uses more energy as compared to other light types.

Fluorescent is perfect for under-cabinet lighting. It uses less energy in comparison to incandescent but produces sufficient light. It’s more expensive but lasts longer. It’s not advisable for over the kitchen table lighting because the light it produces isn’t dimmable. This type of light is more suited for task lighting and not for mood-setting.

Halogen bulbs are similar to incandescent lights. They produce bright lights even when the light fixture is very small. Perfect for under cabinet lighting, not for over the table lighting. It emits a lot of heat so it’s not the best choice for the dining area. LED lights are also an option but not the best you one if you want to create a warm ambiance around the dining table.

6 Photos of the Kitchen Table Lighting

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