Know the Latest on Dining Room Colours 2014

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If the 2013 dining room colours saw a lot of bold and vivid shades, dining room colours 2014 can be described as a more laid-back trend. Dining room colors are chosen based on the homeowners’ style but a big factor is the color psychology. Colors affect emotions which is why picking the right color for the rooms in the house is important. For example, restaurants use a lot of red because it has an effect on appetite. It increases your appetite as compared to using yellow shades. Yellow creates a warm tone and invokes a comfortable mood without stimulating the appetite. Blue is known to suppress the appetite. You see, different colors have different effects to people. This is something you should consider when choosing a paint color for your home interior.

Radiant orchid is the color of the year. However, this doesn’t mean you only need to focus on this shade. Dining room colours 2014 has other shades you can choose from.

Behr Grand Reign Colour Trend for Dining Room

Recommended Dining Room Colours 2014

Well-known paint brands like Behr and Benjamin Moore use a different approach to represent the dining room colours 2014. Basically, these color trends for 2014 are applicable for all rooms in the house and not just in the dining room. However, to guide you in choosing the right shades for your dining room, here’s a short recap on the different shades for home interior colors 2014.

Behr represent the color trends in four different groups; seaside harmony, urban alternative, grand reign and, natural avocation. Each group has a unique characteristic, for example, seaside harmony is made up of fresh pastels and is akin to the relaxing ocean hues. Urban alternative is made up of earthy colors, grand reign represents opulent jewel tones and natural avocation represents the natural sciences with colors that represent the galaxy, earth, trees and others. To see samples of how the colors can be used in home interiors, you can check out Behr’s site.

Benjamin Moore’s take on the color trend this year puts Breath of Fresh Air, a light shade of blue, on their top color trend for 2014. While they have other shades as well, this light shade of blue is what they’re touting to become the trendiest color for 2014. Jennifer Ott, an interior designer has shared her views on Moore’s choice of color trend. Included in her review are beautiful home interior photos you can check out.

How to Decorate with the Newest Dining Room Colours 2014

If you’re okay with your current dining room interior design but feel like something’s missing or that a little updating is needed, you can take note of the major colors in your current dining room interior design. Find a match or find something remotely close to the dining room colours 2014 set by famous paint brands. Distinguish which shade is missing and plan to include that shade in the dining room interior. You can do this by updating a small part of the dining room like painting the door, window panes or changing your kitchen hardware. Staying on top of the interior design trend doesn’t have to be expensive.

8 Photos of the Know the Latest on Dining Room Colours 2014

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