Lazy Boy Sectional Sofas

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Lazy Boy sectional sofas are from La-Z Boy, Inc. a furniture manufacturer in Michigan. They’re known for upholstered recliners, chairs and different designs of sofas. They are known for their reclining chairs and sofas. A reclining sofa is made with a mechanism that allows the back of the sofa to lean back and the foot rest to pop out. Their designs come in different varieties. Some can be controlled with a button while older designs have a manual lever. Aside from the sectional sofas, La-Z Boy also has loveseats, three-seaters and single chairs. The basic idea of the design is to provide a comfortable seating; something similar to a theater experience. There are models that come with cup holders built into the armrests.

Buying guide for Lazy Boy sectional sofas

Like any reclining sofa, Lazy Boy sectional sofas come in different designs. To help you out, here’s a guide on what you should check for and consider. What you’re about to read isn’t just for Lazy Boy products but for any reclining sofa you might want to buy. There are customizable features available for reclining sofas. There are modern styles with sharp angles perfect for minimalist home interiors while there are more rustic designs as well. Buyers should decide what type of sofa would go well into their current home interior design. If it’s the furniture that you’re buying first then it can serve as the stylistic marker in dictating the tone of the living room.

Checking for the different functions is important but looking into its decorative feature is also equally important. You may find unique Lazy boy sectional sofas that are leather upholstered with modern chrome legs and automatic controls. There are a lot of varieties for this type of sofa and most brands accept customized designs as well.

Another important factor to look into is the size of your living room. Take into consideration that Lazy Boy chairs recline and have foot rests. This requires a wider space to get the best from the sofa functions. Take accurate measurements of your space when shopping for the right reclining sofa. There should be additional space both in front of the sofa and behind it. If you have limited living room space, reclining sofas may be ill-suited.

Styles of Lazy Boy sectional sofas

Lazy Boy sectional sofas come in different designs and styles. Depending on the controls: there’s automatic and manual. Automatic sofas may look sleeker and looks more discreet. It may however require a power outlet. Manually-controlled recliners usually have a lever to control the functions. It works better for loveseats as compared to three-seaters and sectionals. The manual levers can ruin the design in sectionals because it can get in the way of the overall design. But you can still find sectionals with manual levers.

Buying Lazy Boy sectional sofas can be a good investment because they offer a lot of comfortable seating. However, the cost compared to traditional couches and sofas may make the difference because Lazy Boy sofas can get a little bit costly.

7 Photos of the Lazy Boy Sectional Sofas

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