Lockers for Mudroom

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Mudrooms are secondary entryway that is intended as an area to remove and store footwear, wet clothing, and outerwear. A mud room increases the cleanliness in a house as well as providing storage space. Having a mudroom has a lot of advantages. It serves as a transition space from the exterior to the sanctuary of your home. It helps keep the dirt from outside stay as far away from the living space as possible. Mud rooms are usually made in the garage, near the back door or off the driveway. It serves as a good place to store shoes, jackets, bags, and hats among others. There are different designs for mudrooms but an important element is the lockers for mudroom.

Having lockers makes it a lot easier to store and organize things. This is especially important when you have kids. Designating a locker space for each can teach them how responsibility. It also makes it easier to find their own things as compared to having an undivided area where everyone puts their stuff.

lockers for mudroom

How to make the most from lockers for mudroom

There are different ways you can maximize your mudroom. Installing lockers for mudroom is one of the simplest ways to make the most from the space. Read on for more tips:

Create a simple setup. A system in the mudroom makes it easier to organize. Assigning space for everything like a drop-off and pickup spot is the best way to maximize the mudroom space. Create floor-level compartments for shoes. On the next level, drawers or shelves can store small items and just above that, install wall hooks for jackets, coats, or bags. Overhead storage can be added for hats, gloves, and other items. For small mudroom spaces, creating tall cabinets can help make up for the lack of floor space. If you’re sharing the space with another room, use cabinet style lockers. The cabinet door can neatly conceal everything from sight so it doesn’t affect the neatness of the living room or dining room. Another idea for small mudroom spaces is to create dual-function elements. A bench seating can also serve as the shoe storage space.

Some mudrooms are created with seating. A bench or simple couch design can make it more comfortable to put and take off shoes in the mudroom. It’s also makes a convenient place to let a guest sit if they’re there for just a short while.

Designs for lockers for mudroom

There are different designs for lockers for mudroom. You can find ready-made lockers in stores and you can use any regular cabinet as well. But if you’re looking for something unique, you can make your own lockers for mudrooms. A chic way to do this is to find used gym lockers from storage sales or thrift shops. Use it as the mudroom lockers. Give it a facelift by painting it or personalizing each locker by adding names. There are DIY mudroom locker ideas that you can also try to make. They can be made from different types of materials so there should be something that will fit your style and budget.

6 Photos of the Lockers for Mudroom

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