Luxury Kitchen Cabinets

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Luxury kitchens go beyond the basics to create a room that is used for preparing meals, enjoying dinner and serving company. A lot of luxury kitchens today are completely customized to fit the needs of the family. Some include built-in entertainment systems and appliances with various settings that can perform extra tasks. A home with a luxury kitchen design is a great asset. It increases the value of the home and creates a comfortable place to dine, cook and entertain.

One of the important features of luxury kitchens are the luxury kitchen cabinets. Cabinets found in luxury kitchens are made from various materials. Common materials you will encounter are stainless steel, bamboo and pecan in addition to the traditional woods like cherry and oak. Like more appliances in a luxury kitchen, kitchen cabinets are custom designed to appear especially decorative and to do double-duty.

Upscale Kitchen Cabinets

Luxury kitchen cabinets and other features of luxury kitchens

Aside from luxury kitchen cabinets, there are other features that complete a luxury kitchen. An exotic countertop is another piece in a high-end kitchen design. What was once laminate and plain is anything but that in a luxury kitchen. You can find counter tops in various styles of granite, glass, and concrete. The trend today in kitchen designs includes a lot of counter space with bold tops that feature striking designs or gleaming surfaces.

Double-duty appliances are a trend in luxury kitchens. Top of the line appliances that can perform double functions are always present in this type of kitchen. An example of this is a refrigerator that can cool and chill at a variety of temperatures. Some designs can even control the level of humidity. There are built-in freezers and wine coolers. There are ovens with warming drawers or convection abilities. There are designs that keep the appliances hidden or you can have custom-built appliances where the facing is made with wood so that it matches the cabinets. This conceals the appliances and takes away the traditional appearance of appliances.

Another feature that luxury kitchens have is the presence of a work station. Most high end kitchens have multipurpose work stations. Aside from the counter space, there’s a center island, built-in desk, bar, beverage center and baking station. These stations commonly contain a lot of hidden storage for kitchen accessories and tools. In terms of electronic features, luxury kitchens normally have sound systems, flat-screen televisions and others.

Making your own luxury kitchen cabinets

Making your own luxury kitchen is expensive. Not all of us can afford to spend thousands of dollars for a high-end kitchen design. The best route to take when you want to create something similar to high-end kitchens is to focus on designing a wonderful luxury small kitchen that will remain gorgeous and functional for years. With proper restoration techniques, an antique cabinet can be made into luxury kitchen cabinets. Learn different decorating techniques to create the same look of luxury kitchens in your kitchen.

5 Photos of the Luxury Kitchen Cabinets

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